"NEW" Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Foot Soldier x 6

Star Wars
SAGA Figures
Obi Wan: Acklay Battle
Darth Tyranus (Geono Escape) x 2
Boba Fett (Pit of Carkoon) x 2
Flying R2-D2 (Droid Factory)
Anakin (Secret Ceremony)
Padme (Droid Factory)
Tusken Raider (Ambush) x 4
Archive Droids: SP4/JN66 x 2
Rebel Trooper (new head sculpt) x 6
Imperial Officer (new head sculpt) x 10
Eeth Koth
Lama Su
Barris Offee
Twilek-Aayla Secura
Ephant Mon
Red Battle Droids

Lego Sets
Republic Gunship
Geonosian fighter x 2
TIE Bomber
Jabba's triple pack (all 3 sets)

SAGA 12" figures
12" Leia Boushh/Han Carbonite

SAGA Deluxe Figures
Geonosian Warrior w/Hive x 4
Yoda w/ SBD (want "loose" SBD from set)
C-3PO w/BD (want "loose" Battle Droid from set)

Promotional Figures
Toy Fair Vader (loose or damaged card is fine)

Accessory Sets
Arena Conflict w/ Battle Droid (or just the Droid)

Extra Weapons
CLAWS black backpack

Cobra Army Buiders "2002"
Cobra Viper (Blue/Purple version)
Wave 4 (only need Cobra figures)
Dart vs. "Blue"C.L.A.W.S. x 2
Wild Bill vs. Neo Viper x 10
Dusty vs. Shock Viper x 4
Wave 5
Recondo vs. Iron Grenadier x 20
Cross Hair SF vs.C.L.A.W.S Commander x 2
Tunnel Rat SF vs. Over Kill x 6
Hacker SF vs. Scalpel x 2


Please e-mail bosskmr@hotmail.com

Applause Statues
Bounty Hunter Statuette
Sandtrooper on Dewback Statuette
Han Solo in Carbonite Sattuette

Greedo Bust

Saga Figures
Battle Droid w/Insert
Plo Koon w/Insert
Geonosian w/Insert
Luminara Unduli w/Sticker over Removable (Cloak Printed)

Saga Deluxe Figures
Arena Battle Set w/out Battle Droid (just the weapons) x 6
Yoda without SBD x 2
C-3PO without Battle Droid

Ep II Preview Figures
Jango Fett

POTJ Figures
Aurra Sing .0300
Battle Droid (Boomer Damage) .0100
Battle Droid (Security) .0000
Biker Scout (Dirty) .0400
Coruscant Guard .0000
Darth Maul (Final Duel) w/Sticker .0000
Darth Maul (Sith Apprentice) .0300
Eeth Koth
Fode and Bede (Podrace Announcer) .0100
Han Solo (Bespin Capture) .0100
Han Solo (Death Star Escape)
Imperial Officer
K-3PO .0100
Lando Calrissian .0300
Leia (Bespin Escape) .0300
Mon Calimari .0100
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old) .0000
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Cold Weather) .0300
Qui-Gon Jinn (Mos Espa) .0000
R2-D2 (Naboo Escape) .0000
R4-M9 w/Warning Sticker
Sandtrooper (Tatooine Patrol) .0300
Shmi Skywalker
Tessek .0300

POTJ Deluxe Figures $20 for the set
Leia with Sail Barge Cannon
Darth Maul Sith Attack Droid

POTJ 12" Figures
Captain Tarpals and Kaadu

Ep I Figures (Foreign Exclusives)
Bonus Pit Droid
Obi-Wan Kenobi w/OrangePit Droid
Bonus Battle Droid
Anakin (Tatooine) w/Battle Droid
Anakin (Naboo) w/Battle Droid
Battle Droid (Clean) w/Battle Droid
Battle Droid (Lines on Chest) w/Battle Droid
Battle Droid (Dirty) w/Battle Droid
C-3PO w/Battle Droid
Darth Maul (Jedi Duel) w/Battle Droid
Darth Maul (Tatooine) w/Battle Droid
Jar Jar Binks w/Battle Droid
Nute Gunray w/Battle Droid
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi Duel) w/Battle Droid
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Naboo) w/Battle Droid
Padme Naberrie w/Battle Droid
Queen Amidala (Naboo) w/Battle Droid
Queen Amidala (Coruscant) w/Battle Droid
Qui-Gon Jinn (Jedi Duel) w/Battle Droid
Qui-Gon Jinn (Naboo) w/Battle Droid
R2-D2 w/Battle Droid
Rune Haako w/Battle Droid
Yoda w/Battle Droid

Ep I Figures
Darth Sidious Hologram .0000
Pit Droids 2-pack .0000
R2-B1 .0000
Anakin Skywalker (Pilot) .0000
Battle Droid (Clean) .0000
Battle Droid (Blast Damage) .0000
Battle Droid (Blast Damage) .0100
Battle Droid (Lines on Chest) .0000
Battle Droid (Dirty) .0000
Boss Nass .00
C-3PO .00
Captain Tarpals (w/Warning Sticker) .0000
Darth Maul (Jedi Duel) .00 Silver CT
Darth Maul (Jedi Duel) .0100 White CT
Darth Maul (Sith Lord)
Destroyer Droid (Damaged)
Jar Jar Binks .00 (Large Photo)
Jar Jar Binks .0100
Ki-Adi-Mundi .0000
Mace Windu .0000
Naboo Royal Security (orange) .0000
OOM-9 (Binocs Separate in package) .0000
Queen Amidala (Coruscant) .0100
Watto .00

Ep 1 Beast Packs/Cinema Scenes/Vehicles $30 for the set
Opee w/Qui-Gon
Armored Scout Tank w/Battle Droid (Window Box) .00
Flash Speeder
Sebulba's Podracer
Sith Speeder w/Darth Maul

Ep 1 12" Figures
Darth Maul
TC-14 (Kay-Bee Exclusive)
Chancellor Valorum w/Coruscant Guard (Fan Club)

Ep I Sneak Preview Figures
STAP Battle Droid
Mace Windu

POTF2 CT Figures
Admiral Motti .0000
R2-D2 w/Hologram Leia (Silver CT) .0000
Han Solo (Silver CT) .0000
Stormtrooper (Silver CT) .0000
Stormtrooper (White CT) .0000

Flashback Photos
Anakin Skywalker
Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi (Arrow both on sides)
Darth Vader (Arrow both on sides)
Hoth Chewbacca (Arrow both on sides)
Leia in Cermonial Gown (Arrow both on sides)
Luke Skywalker (Arrow both on sides)
R2-D2 w/Shooting Lightsaber (Saber on Right Side)

Expanded Universe $120 for the set
Clone Emperor
Grand Admiral Thrawn
Imperial Sentinel
Kyle Katarn
Luke Skywalker
Mara Jade

Freeze Frame Action Slides
Endor Rebel Soldier "Sealt-Marie" .00
Han Solo .02
Lando Calrissian in Generals Gear "Sealt-Marie" .00
Luke Skywalker in Bespin Gear "Sealt-Marie" .00
Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper Disguise "Sealt-Marie" .03
Princess Leia in Ewok Celebration Outfit "Sealt-Marie" .00
R2-D2 w/Datalink & Periscope (Imperial Slide)
Rebel Fleet Trooper "Sealt-Marie" w/Sticker .01
Admiral Ackbar .01
EV-9D9 .01
Gamorrean Guard .01
Lak Sivrak
Darth Vader .03
Death Star Droid
Death Star Trooper
Emperor Palpatine .02
Grand Moff Tarkin .02
Pote Snitkin
Snowtrooper .01
Stormtrooper .02
AT-ST Driver .03
Boba Fett .04
Captain Piett (Blaster Rifle)
Captin Piett (Baton Sticker)
Emperor's Royal Guard .01
Garindan (Long Snoot) .01
Ishi Tib
Tie-Fighter Pilot .05

Green Cards without Holograms
Han Solo in Endor Gear (Brown Pants) Col 1
Princes Leia in Boushh Disguise .02 Col 2
R5-D4 w/Straight Latch/Warning Sticker .01 Col 2
Tuskin Raider (Closed Hand) .01 Col 2

Green Cards with Holograms
2-1B .00 Col 2
Admiral Ackbar .00 Col 2
ASP-7 Droid .00 Col 2
Bib Fortuna .00 Col 1
Boba Fett .02 Col 1
Bossk .00 Col 2
C-3PO .01 Col 1
Darth Vader .01 Col 1
Emperor Palpatine .00 Col 1
Lando Calrissian as Skiff Guard .00 Col 1
Luke Skywalker in Hoth Gear .00 Col 2
Ponda Baba .01 Col 3
Princess Leia as Jabba's Prisoner Col 1
R2-D2 .01 Col 1
Sandtrooper .01 Col 1
Stormtrooper .01 Col 3

Shadows of the Empire
Chewbacca as Snoova
Dash Rendar
Luke Skywalker in Imperial Disguise
Prince Xizor
Princess Leia in Boushh Disguise

Red Cards
Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi (Long Saber/Head Photo) .00
Boba Fett (Full Circle on Hands) .01
Darth Vader (Long Saber)
Death Star Gunner .00
Greedo .00
Han Solo w/Carbonite (Freezing Chamber Text) .00
Han Solo in Hoth gear (Open Hand)
Jawa .00
Lando Calrissian
Luke Skywalker (Short Saber)
Luke Skywalker (Long Saber)
Luke Skywalker, Dagobah (Short Saber) Saber high tray
Luke Skywalker, Dagobah (Short Saber/Long Tray)
Luke Skywalker, Dagobah (Long Saber)
Luke Skywalker Jedi Kight (Black Vest)
Luke Skywalker Jedi Kight (Brown Vest)
Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper Disguise .00 Col 2
Luke Skywalker in X-Wing Pilots Gear (Long Saber) .01
Momaw Nadon (Hammerhead)
R5-D4 w/Straight Latch and Warning Sticker .00 Col 2
Stormtrooper .00
Stormtrooper with Hologram .00
Tatoonie Stormtrooper (Sandtrooper) .00
Tie-Fighter Pilot with Warning Sticker .00
Tuskin Raider (Closed Hand) .00

POTF2 12" Figures
Ben Kenobi (Dark Blue Insert)
Han Solo (Dark Blue Insert)
Luke Skywalker (Dark Blue Insert)
Tuskin Raider w/Gaderffi Stick (Warning Sticker)
Princess Leia
Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot
Admiral Ackbar
Tie-Fighter Pilot
Grand Moff Tarkin
Emperor Palpatine
Cantina Band (Wal-Mart) Complete Set of 6
Greedo (JC Penny)
Luke/Han as Stormtroopers (KB)
Luke Hoth & Wampa (Target)
Anakin/Vader Masterpiece
Hoth Han
Hoth Luke
KB 3-pack Luke in 100th X-Wing outfit (also w/old outfit)

POTF2 Beast Packs/Cinema Scenes/Vehicles
Dewback and Sandtrooper
Ronto and Jawa

Cantina Showdown
Purchase of the Droids
Jabba's Skiff Guards

Speeder Bike with Luke (No Gloves)
Speeder Bike Power Racing

POTF2 Deluxe Figures
Crowd Control Stormtrooper (Red Card)
Probe Droid (Green Card)
Hoth Rebel Soldier with Cannon
Snowtrooper with Tri-Pod Cannon

Luke and Vader from Board Game on Card

Darth Vader Gunner Station .00
Han Solo Gunner Station w/Warning Sticker .00
Luke Gunner Station w/Warning Sticker .00

Mail Order Exclusives
Spirit of Obi Wan
Theater Edition Jedi Luke (crease at top of card)……….pending

POTF 2 Loose Figures
Admiral Ackbar
Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi: w/long saber
Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi: Spirit Mail-In
Boba Fett: x 2
Boba Fett: 1/2 circle
Boba Fett: Deluxe figure w/out accessories
C-3PO: Flashback, shop worn
Chewbacca: x 2 (missing bowcaster, w/long rifle)
Darth Vader: w/long saber
Darth Vader: w/short saber
Darth Vader: from Shadows of the Empire 2-pack
Darth Vader: Power FX
Grand Moff Tarkin
Han Solo
Han Solo: Gunner Station
Han Solo: Bespin Gear
Han Solo: Bespin Gear "from Leia Collection"
Han Solo: Bespin Gear "from Mynock Hunt"
Han Solo: w/Carbonite Block (no carbonite just the figure)
Han Solo: Endor Gear
Han Solo: Hoth (Open Hand) x 2
Hoth Rebel Soldier x 2
Jawas: (4 of the small ones)
Lando Calrissian
Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker: from Desert Sport Skiff
Luke Skywalker: Ceremonial Gear "from Leia Collection"
Luke Skywalker: Dagobah
Luke Skywalker: Hoth Gear
Luke Skywalker: Jedi from Final Jedi Duel 3-pack
Luke Skywalker: Jedi from Skiff
Luke Skywalker: Jedi with Tatoonie Planet (complete Galaxy)
Luke Skywalker: X-Wing x 2 w/out saber
Orrimaarko (Prune Face)
Ponda Baba
Prince Xizor
R2-D2: "from Leia Collection"
Snowtrooper x 5 w/backpack w/out guns
Ugnaught (grey one only)
Obi Wan Jedi
Ketwol x 2
Teemto w/out droid
Ep I
Anakin: from Mos Espa Encounter
Jar Jar: from Mos Espa Encounter
Jar Jar
Obi Wan: Jedi Duel
Obi Wan: Soft Goods
Qui-Gon: Jedi Duel w/tatooine cloak from Accessory set
Qui-Gon: swimming from Opee
Sebulba: eraser
Gungan Sub with Obi-Wan
Darth Vader Electronic Bank
Cantina Display in Box (No Figure)
Speeder Bike no figures x 2
Swoop with Pilot
Tatoonine Planet with Luke
Endor Planet (No Figures)
Lego Tech Destroyer Droid

Vintage Figures "loose"
(All figure Complete, unless noted)
Star Wars
Chewbacca: slight nose rub, no gun C-8.5
Death Star Droid C-8.5
Hammerhead: no gun C-9
Hammerhead: no gun, slightly loose joints C-8.5
R5-D4 C-8.5
Stormtrooper: no weapons C-7.5
Stormtrooper: no weapons, slight yellowing C-6
2-1B C-9
AT-AT Driver: paint wear C-7.5
Bespin Luke: dirty, w/paint wear, no weapons C-6.5
Bossk C-8.5
C-3PO w/Removeable Limbs C-9
FX-7 C-9
Hoth Han C-9
Lobot C-9
Rebel Commander C-9
Rebel Soldier x 2 C-9
Ugnaught: no bag C-9
Admiral Ackabr C-9
Chief Chirpa: loose, mild paint wear, dirty, no spear C-4
Gammeron Guard: no/weapon, slight paint wear on tips of horns C-8.5
Rebel Soldier no/weapon C-9
Ree-Yees: no/weapoin, slight paint wear on eyes C-8.5
Squidhead: no/weapon or skirt C-9
Lumat: missing arrow bag C-9

Mail in Accessories: 4 Hoth backpacks, 2 belts w/rope & hook, 6 gas masks

Micro Machines Ep I
Action Fleet Playsets "loose w/box"
Naboo Hangar (Final Combat)
Mos Espa Market
Mini Scenes "loose w/backing"
Stap Invasion # 1
Destroyer Droid Ambush # 2
Gungan Assault # 3
Sith Pursuit # 4
Trade Fed. Raid # 5
Platform Action Sets "loose w/box"
Naboo Starship Repair
Galactic Senate
Naboo Temple Ruins
Pod Race Arena
Transforming Action Sets "loose w/box"
Jar Jar Binks Naboo
Battle Droid (Droid Control ship)
Carded Figure & Vehicle Sets
Die Cast Trade Fed Fighter
Die Cast Sebulba's Podracer
Die Cast Trade Fed Battleship
Die Cast Gain Speeder
Micro Ep I Col 2 mini figures
Micro Ep I Col 4 mini figures
Micro Ep I Col 2 & 4 (LOOSE)

Micro Machines Trilogy
Action Fleet Playsets "loose w/box"
Yavin Rebel Base
Action Fleet Vehicles "loose"
Cloud Car
Imperial Shuttle (Alpha series)
Transforming Action Sets "loose w/box"
Boba Fett Cloud City
C-3PO Cantina
Darth Vader Bespin
Luke Skywalker Hoth
R2-D2 Jabba's Palace
Rebel Transport
Slave I
Stormtrooper Death Star
Tie Fighter Pilot Academy
Yoda Dagobah
Planet Playsets "loose w/box"
Death Star
Ice Planet Hoth
Planet Dagobah
Planet Tatooine
Double Take "loose w/box"
Death Star/Tatooine
Adventure Gear "loose w/box"
Luke's Binoculars/Yarvin Base
Vader's Saber/Death Star Trench
Battle Packs "loose"
Rebel Alliance
Galactic Empire
Dune Sea
Droid Escape
Desert Palace
Cantina Encounter
Mini-Head Set "loose"
Nien Numb/Greedo/Tuskin Raider
Figure Sets "loose"
Echo Base Troops
Imperial Naval Troopers
Imperial Officers
Rebel X-Wing Pilots
Tie Fighter Pilots
Tuskin Raiders

Taco Bell Products
Battle Droid Frizz-Be
Topper Cups ($25 for Set)
Darth Maul
Nute Gunray
Boss Nass
Mace Windu
Captain Tarpels
Jar Jar
Queen Amidala

Comic Books (Soft Covers)
Magna Series (Star Wars/Empire/Jedi) Complete Set
Boba Fett: Death, Lies, and Treachery
Ep I
Heir to the Empire
Dark Force Rising
Last Command
Dark Empire
Empires End

Ep I Official Souvenir Magazine
Star Wars Technical Journal (Tatooine)

Soft Cover Novels ($15 for the Set)
Truce at Bakura
Courtship of Princess Leia
Children of the Jedi
Jedi Search
Dark Apprentice

Complete Set of Ep I Widescreen Cards (acrylic case)
Plus 20 bonus cards (including Falcon Holo Card)
Bowen mini-statues/busts
Spider-man Classic Version Bowen mini-statue # 229/4000
Spider-man Black Costume Bowen mini-statue # 643/3000
Punisher Bowen mini-statue # 550/5000
Black Widow Bowen mini-statue # 187/4000
Dr.Octopus mini-bust (Bowen Designs)

Lara Croft Tomb Raider Statue (about 15 inches tall) in original game outfit

Pro Tech Star Cases
New "Star Case 2" for Saga Figures
1+ $1.50 each 25+ $1.40 each 50 + $1.30 each

"Star Case Deluxe" for Deluxe AOTC Figures
1+ $1.75 each

G.I.Joe Figures (80's-current)
1982 (Straight Arm)
Cobra Commander: missing gun C-8.5
Scarlet: paint wear on both hands and left front boot, Complete with crossbow, tight C-8

1983 series
Cover Girl C-9.5
Destro: w/bp, missing: pistol, loose head, paint wear on hand missles C-7.5
Gung Ho: broken crotch, w/bp missing: gun, loose R knee
Major Bludd: w/pistol, missing: bp C-9
Major Bludd: w/pistol from accessory set(blue), missing: bp C-9
Snow Job: w/bp, ski,missing poles & rifle (added 2002 bp w/poles and skis) C-8.5
Snow Job: broken R thumb, w/bp, poles, ski missing rifle (yellowing legs) C-5
Steeler: w/helmet, Uzi missing: binocular/visor C-9.5
Torpedo: w/bp, black speargun, missing: flippers C-9
Torpedo: w/bp, sliver 2002 speargun, missing: flippers C-7

1984 series
Baroness: w/gun missing bp C-9
Cutter C-8.5
Deep Six C-9
Mutt: w/helmet, missing everything else C-8.5
Wild Weasel C-9

1985 series
Alipine: Complete except for rope with hook C-9
Alpine: with bp only C-8
Airtight: Complete C-9
Buzzer: w/bp missing weapons C-8.5
Buzzer: w/bp missing weapons, minor disscoloration on 1 side of R thigh C-7
Dusty: broken crotch, Incomplete C-7
Frostbite: missing: assault rifle C-9
Frostbite: missing: assault rifle blue emblem rubbed off on R shoulder C-8.5
Quick Kick: Complete (Brazil) C-9.5
Quick Kick: missing sword & nunchucks small paintchip on R foot C-7.5
Torch: Complete, minor paint wear C-8.5
Torch: Incomplete, minor paint wear C-7.5
Tomax and Xamot: Complete, Xamot with Red Scar, rope tangled (minor paint wear hair) C-9
Xamot: w/ pistol RED scar version (very minor paint wear) C-9

1986 series
Lifeline: w/bp & medical case missing pistol, airmask minor paint wear C-8
Low-Light: w/bp, rifle, missing bipod, Uzi C-8.5
Monkeywrench: broken crotch, paint wear on grenades/tight joints no gun C-7
Sci-Fi: Complete C-9
Sci-Fi: missing tube C-9
Serpentor: Incomplete C-8
Zandar: w/bp, missing rifle minor paint wear C-7

1987 series
Cobra Commander: Complete C-9.5
Cobra Commander: w/bp, pistol, missing tube C-8.5
Crazylegs: w/parachute harness, missing rifle loose arms at shoulders C-8
Croc Master: Incomplete x 2 C-9
Golobulus: Complete C-9
Fast Draw: w/bp, I white hand control, face shield, missing missles, tubes C-9
Ice Viper: Incomplete, paint wear C-7
Jinx: w/bp, naginata, missing 2 silver swords C-9.5
Raptor: w/wings, missing bird's feet C-9
Royal Guard: w/gun, scythe, missing antenna C-8.5
Sea Slug: missing pistol C-8
Tunnel Rat: R thumb almost broken w/bp, green bag missing rifle and flashlights C-8

1988 series
Blizzard: w/helmet, white rifle & pistol, skis, missing bp, snow shoes C-8
Storm Shadow: w/bp & bow missing sword & claw, slightly dirty (very tight) C-8

1989 series
Annihilator: Incomplete C-8.5
Darklon: paint wear on face and grenades on L leg, missing rifle C-8
H.E.A.T Viper: w/bazooka only C-8
Recoil: w/bp, blue rifle& pistol, green mine case C-8.5
Rock & Roll: w/bp, gatling cannons, ammo belts, missing grey shotgun C-9.5
Rock & Roll: broken leg tabs, w/1 ammo belt, Incomplete C-9

1990 series
Night Creeper: broken crotch, Incomplete C-8
Rock Viper: broken crotch, minor paint wear on hands, w/both GUNS C-7

2000/2001 series
Big Ben C-9.5
Cobra Commander C-9.5
Crossfire C-9.5
Pathfinder C-9.5
Storm Shadow C-9.5
Wet Down C-9.5
Wet Suit C-9.5
White Out: missing rifle C-9.5

2002 series
Dart: Complete x 4
Shipwreck: Incomplete
Shipwreck: Complete (no sound tab weapon)
Wild Bill: w/hat
Wild Bill: Complete x 8 (no sound tab weapon)
Dusty: w/bp, bandolier x 3
Dusty Re-paint: w/bp, bandolier x 6
Frostbite Re-paint: green version Incomplete x 4

Extra Weapons
"2002" Viper backpacks x 8
"2002" Viper re-paint graphite backpacks x 33
"2002" Alley Viper black gun x 13
"2002" Alley Viper re-paint graphite gun x 15
C.L.A.W.S black bazooka x 18
Black Laser Rifle: from Cobra Laser Viper x 10
Black Laser Rifle w/sound tab x 7
Brown Laser Rifle w/sound tab x 4
Wolf from Snow Serpent x 4

Funskool Carded
Big Boa
Funskool "loose"
Airtight: Complete
Cobra Commander w/red mask and gun
Desert Scorpion: Complete
Scrap Iron: w/out pistol
Spearhead and Max: Complete
Croc Master: Complete
Muskrat:w/out knife

G.I.Joe Vehicles
1982 series
H.A.L C-9
M.M.S: missing support stand C-8.5
M.O.B.A.T: missing machine gun which attaches to turret C-9

1983 series
Dragonfly XH-1: missing 1 sidewinder missles, Gatling Cannon super glued C-8
w/Wild Bill (see figures)
Polar Battle Bear: missing 2 grey missles & rollbar C-8
Skystriker XP-14F: Complete except for parachutes (1 tab on 1 tail fin broken) C-8.5

1984 series
S.H.A.R.C: missing 1 torpedo front piece & pump, broken hinge on canopy C-6.5

1985 series
A.W.E. Striker: missing both antennas, camera C-8

1986 series
Conquest X-30: complete C-8.5
L.C.V. Recon Sled: Complete C-9

1987 series
POGO Ballistic Battle Ball: missing 1 missle & gun C-8

2000 series
Man-O-War C-9.5

Special Vehicle Assortment (Complete set for $35 shipped)
Some vehicles have broken parts, missing pieces (most complete)
HISS, Polar Battle Bear, SHARK, Slugger, HAL x 2

Masters of the Universe (82-85) "loose" $50 for complete set
Two Bad
EXTRA Weapons (Grayskull & more)

Animated Batman Series
Scarecrow (minor bent corner)
Harley Quinn
Detective Batman
Mission Masters
Insect Body Mr. Freeze

Animated Superman

Animated 12" Figures
Harley Quinn

Batman Beyond
J's Gang Power Throw