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Thread: The Sabbath Day

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    Question The Sabbath Day

    What day is really the sabbath ( be careful now, think before you answer and have proof to back it up)?

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    Any day that the band Black Sabbath is playing?

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    I second Jar Jars motion to ROCK!
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    I think it varys from religion to religiong. The Church I belong to (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) honor the Sabath on Sundays.
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    the way you worded it makes it seem like a trick question, so while the popular answer would be sunday, i'll say it's actually saturday.

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    Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath !

    Great album, one of my faves. Ever hear Bruce Dickinson's version on the first sabbath tribute album? Not bad !

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    Anthrax does a pretty damn good version of Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath as well. It's on that I'm the Man thingy.
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    Hello and welcome to the hokey religion public access channel. fourteen hours of solid holy rollin' chantin' preachin' 'n' convertin'. let me hear you say amen! now pay pray sinners. (donations gratefully accepted, all major credit cards taken)

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    In Judaism I believe it's Saturday. I have no proof.


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