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Thread: Ebay trouble...

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    Ebay trouble...

    Hello all,

    I just want to speak a little about my ebay incident. I won an auction for a POTJ Lando Calrissian off some guy who calls himself "leesstore" (beware of this guy) which costed me $2.91. Originally, I wanted to win some others that he was selling at the time, including POTF2 Zuckuss w/FF, and Captain Piett. But I was out bid, and decided to ask him "if he had anymore?" What a BAD move. He replies and tells me yes, he had 1 more of each. So, as he only accepted money orders, I made one out worth $38.41 US and mailed it off in exchange for the 3 figures. Weeks later, after trying to email him to see if the money order is received and if the figures are shipped, he doesn't reply until days later, and tells me stuff like: "I have received your money order, and I'll try to ship the figures next week." and "You should receive the goods any day now."

    Since then, I have contacted 2 other buyers who also got scammed by this dishonest individual.

    Someone please tell me what I should do. Has anyone else had this happen to them?

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    You should take your copy of the money order back to it's point of origin and see if you can have it "charged back" or cancelled. I don't know if they have any kind of built in insurance or not, but it might be worth a check. Next thing Im doing is getting in contact with ebay notifying them of this terrible behaviour. They may punt him off there to save others in the future. You can also get his "contact information" by doing a search under seller, then entering the item number of the Lando you won. That should produce some contact info like address and phone number. Ive called a few people personally in the past, it tends to straighten crap out pretty quick. Don't give up hope, you can still come out okay.

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    This looks like a crummy situation. Not that you probably don't already know this ... but this guy has 50 negative feedback comments and his eBay account "appears" to be currently suspended. (His name has "Not a registered user" next to it right now.)

    I would say the best you can do is keep on him in a firm but friendly manner. Contact eBay and let them know what's up. Let them know that he may have ripped you off too ... though they wont care about non-auction stuff ... it'll help keep his account from being reinstated. Ask them (eBay) what legal recourse you might have. He may end up shipping you your stuff if he decides it'll help him to avoid any more hassle ... though having to take a guy in Oregon to court for $38.41 may be mostly a hassle to you.

    Good luck!

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    i've got ripped twice on e-bay, once for about $95 for a marmit stormtrooper, and for $35 for a 100th luke. the thief who stole my money for the marmit stormtrooper is in spain, so i'm screwed there, but the filthy thief who stole my money for the 100th luke is in california. i paid with a postal money order. i'm going to the postoffice and see if i can file mail fraud charges against this idiot. fraud thru the mail is a federal crime so hopefully that will get this guy's attention!
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    That's one reason I never send money orders when paying for auctions on eBay. Always use Paypal or eBay payments, and if the seller doesn't offer that as an option, then don't bid on the auction.

    If you can get his email addy you should post it here so all of us can email this person (politely) and let him know what he is doing to you is wrong.

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    Thanks. His email address is But his auto response says that he'll be away until Wednesday .

    I've learned all the actions I can take, and I'm ready to do so.

    Arrggh! He only got suspended right AFTER I won his auction. Otherwise, I would have never bid on his items.

    And yes, from now on, I'll only bid from people with PERFECT feedback that also accepts Paypal.
    "We shall double our efforts."

    Hasbro, you forgot a-boot us Canadians.


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    And yes, from now on, I'll only bid from people with PERFECT feedback that also accepts Paypal
    both guys i bought from had perfect feedback at the time. what these scumbags do is put up a bunch of stuff for auction at once, complete the auctions, take in the cash, and then screw-over about 50 people at once.

    so with pay-pal, what do they do if you are ripped off? give you a refund? how can they confirm you were ripped off?

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    I really don't know how they'll confirm, but I asked MasterCard, and they said if anything like this happens, ie. online purchases, and something goes wrong, they are able to investigate, while giving the victim a "temporary" credit. So, in the end, you either keep the money, or you get the item.

    So, in a way, Paypal offers more peace if mind.

    Derek, I feel sorry for your experience. Maybe I'll only buy from ebay "stores" ppl as well. Thx
    "We shall double our efforts."

    Hasbro, you forgot a-boot us Canadians.


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    A lot of times what happens, is your credit company takes the money back from Paypal, which then in turn sometimes causes Paypal to cancel your membership. It happened to a guy I know, and I recently saw a story about the same thing on the news.
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    Ive had Mastercard "charge back" two deals gone bad from ebay, without problems. Once was paypal, who never said boo, and the other time was through BidPay (which I think is now ebay payments). These both happened in early 02, so I don't know what has changed. Worry first about you - get the money back if possible. Paypal will reinstate your membership once you correspond with email a few times, I had to go through that when one of my cards bounced a couple of times.....


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