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    Who Would Have Liked: VII, VIII, IX?

    Who would have liked to have seen a sequal trilogy if Lucas hadn't said he wasn't going to make them?

    I would have loved to have seen them, but I know there is alot of bad feeling over the prequals so many people would hate to see them.

    Or is it just that 9 Star Wars might be too many, and especially if he was going to carry on with that rhyming crap!

    Who would like to see them then?
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    I don't think 7-9 should be made. I think the ending of Return of the Jedi is brilliant, and the best ending possible for the saga. By making more movies, it will destroy the Episode VI ending and a new ending would have to be made . I can't see how more episodes could be added, because balance has been brought to the Force and IMO that means the Sith are extinct. I wouldn't like to see any of that Yuuzhan Vong crap, so who would be the bad guys?

    I think Episodes I - VI will be a perfect story and more episodes would be unnecessary!

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    I think at one point everybody would have wanted to see episodes 7-9 done. However, with the Prequels getting very split reviews, i would be worried about how they would be done. I liked TPM, loved AOTC and i have no reservations about how much Episode III is going to rock. Jedi was an appropriate ending for the Saga, so no more, por favor!
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    Fair point!
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    Six is enough, heck five is enough for me. After TPM and AOTC I'd rather him not try to make something that would be directly connected to the OT, it just wouldn't have nearly the same feel. It's bad enough theres alot of things baout the prequels that are screwed up, but at least they're not trying to be the OT, which would probably happen for 7-9.

    If Lucas would like to see 7-9 made, then he should get Steven Speilberg or someone else for the directing. Heck, Steve's said he'd even like to do some Star Wars work.
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    At this point, bad idea. Very bad idea. Besides, I was under the assumption that the original 3 spinoff novels by Timothy Zahn (that started the "new wave" of SW fandom) were intended to replace Episodes VII-IX. So, if you think that's a good idea, you can think of the saga as this:

    Episode I: The Phantom Menace
    Episode II: Attack of the Clones
    Episode III: ???
    Episode IV: A New Hope
    Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
    Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
    Episode VII: Heir to the Empire
    Episode VIII: Dark Force Rising
    Episode IX: The Last Command

    And everything else is Expanded Universe.
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    I used to want the next 3 movies, but now.....I'll pass.

    Now if they based them off of the Zahn novels, or the New Jedi Order series (both of which are excellent, and miles superior to the prequels), I would LOVE it. Even if it was animated, which I would actually prefer.
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    I wouldn't mind some sort of animated version, but other than that I agree with what Pendo said.
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    The Star Wars Saga begins at episode I and ENDS at episode VI. Any sequel wouldn't be a continuation of the story, but an attachment to the story (like The Godfather Part III). I wouldn't mind seeing spinoff (not necessarily EU) movies involving the same or new characters in new adventures. They wouldn't be an episode number because they wouldn't be in the same series. (By the way, Coppala wanted to call GF3 something like The Death of Michael Corleone, not The Godfather Part III.)
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