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    Arrow Ep1 MM Obi-Wan Tranforming head playset

    Rebelscum made a new site section called "Micro Machines - Lost toys" with pictures of cancelled prototypes includind the never seen before Transforming Head playset of Obi-Wan Kenobi/Naboo swamp.

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    Actually, that particular proto is broken and really incomplete. It is missing the trees, the MTT, figures, etc...

    That was the the playset that was literally laughed out of the offices of Lucasfilm. Human faces were never meant to be playsets.

    The goggles were intended to by used like a "Viewmaster" to allow the user to see 3-D images at the back of the playset. It had virtually ZERO play features. This represents the worst MM toy to ever make its way out of Galoob. I really wish those photos were never shown.

    I'm relieved that it was never made.

    At least the world will NEVER see the only existing Nute Gunray/Sith Training playset - I will see to that. It's just about as bad as the Obi-Wan.

    Cold chills.....

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    Actually I think it's quite good just cause Galoob had some nice artists working on them, alot better looking than the busts that are out for AOTC characters. It'd look nice display in a whole row of mini-heads.

    Actually the only thing I don't like about it from those pics is that Obi-Wan wasn't at the final battle... It should be Tarpals.

    What was the Nute Gunray set supposed to come with?
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    Actually, that was a mistake in the article. The playset was actually the Naboo swamp and the Federation landing/invasion rather than the final battle. I guess that shows how well the playset was designed. To be fair, that proto is REALLY incomplete.

    All the Nute palyset has is a buch of stupid exercises for Darth Maul (slide down rope, lightsager training, etc...). It is a bit like the TIE pilot set - just plain lame.

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    I don't know whats worse, seeing AF/MM items that will never make it into the NORMAL fans collection or just not knowing about them. . I would love to have those Pod Racers, and thge Alpha Concept ships. To bad the AF is dead. To bad HAsbro has no clue what the TRUE AF was.
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    cancelled trans heads

    Ah yes, they may have been lame, but now we'll never get those cool micromachine figures. I never got over not getting the Lobot figure from the Darth Vader trans head. Yeah, it increased the "play" value by adding an already released Luke figure, but I wanted ALL the characters from the movies. We never got the Lobot. My Bespin is incomplete without him (of course there's no security guards either, but that's another gripe). I also know Darth Vader was popular, but how many of him were in the movies? Three variations maybe? So why a million different Vaders and only 7 or 8 Stormtroopers? And how many possible poses were there for the "armies"? Millions? yet no Snowtrooper pack. I was glad they did figure packs, but less Vaders could mean a Bespin guard, or a rebel leader/officer etc. But that's water under the bridge.

    My new complaint is those two poses of Battledroids that were in the Qui Gonn Jinn trans head playset will now never see the light of day. Is it possible Hasbro could include those in ep2 micros (if that ever happens)? I mean, is the mold for them finished or was it just the practice mold?

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    how about lobot from the cloud car? wouldn't he make an adequate substitution? i know you basically collect the mm figures artoo, but there is the above mentioned ackshun phleat variety lobot.
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    Well, I could use the Action Fleet one if the character were played by Lurch from the Addams Family. ;-)

    Otherwise he's gonna tower over everyone. Nah, I like consistency. They all gotta be the same. But thanks for the suggestion. Actually, Glitch was supposed to answer and say, "Oh, hey, you're in luck! I hear from Hasbro that they are going to release those Qui Gone battledroids in another set! In fact, all the cancelled stuff will be released as part of the ressurected micro line! Cake for everyone!"


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