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    i think there is a good chance this will retail for $20-$25. it looks to use about as much plastic as boss nass, which sold for $20.

    that boss nass wave was wierd. here we have this huge piece of plastic in boss nass, and the other two figures in that wave, anakin and sebulba, together don't equal the amount of plastic used to make boss nass, but they all sold for $20.

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    I guess Hasbro was balancing things out over the whole case rather than item by item. I often regret not getting 12" Nass, I never found him in a store and refused to buy him aftermarket. I found lots of Sebulbas, but something always kept me from buying him - I think it was subconciously the feeling that I had been burned on 12" Watto from an earlier wave and didn't want to risk it again. I might have bought that pilot Ani fig too if I had ever seen it at retail.

    If this Gamorrean figure comes in under $25, I'll try to get both of my local KBs to reserve me one from each store. Above that and I'll just take my chances at retail.

    I'm a little surprised this figure didn't end up in a 2pack with Bib Fortuna.
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    I hear what you're saying JT, - and not that you want this, but I just wanted to say that it'd be hard for me to stomach seeing Bib Fortuna being re-released with another 2-pack. I want the option of getting a lot of figures from Jabba's Palace for my 12" collection, but not having to get resculpts:

    Gamorrean of course.

    12" scale Jabba, no doubt.



    Nikto packaged as "Klaatu" on Kenner figures


    Nikto (sailbarge gunner)

    The still rumored - never confirmed with pictures - Max Rebo Band

    Lando - at long last coming finally!



    and I know I'm dreaming, but Ephant, Amanaman, J'Quille.

    J'Quille might be possible, but I fear another figure like the original Chewbacca 12" for the modern line....
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    I like, I like alot. The Gammorean is a def. must have!
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    Originally posted by Tycho
    TC-14 at $40.00???? I decided not to get her because of the price, but ...
    I like that you use the word "her".

    This Guard figure looks great!
    It comes with a big bloody axe? Is that what I see in the photo?

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    This figure looks great!!!! I can't wait to get my hands on this one. I would imagine it being anywhere from $22.99 - $32.99. I think $39.99 would be the max they can charge fo this. I'm actually kinda happy that it is a KB exclusive, and not WalMart or Target. Sure the price may be a few bucks more than they would have, but at least I'll get it. I always get the KB exclusives, but never find the Walmart ones. But that is a gripe for another thread. . . this thread is about the absolute quality that this figure is!!!!!! It looks amazing!!!

    BTW. . . I did feel the 3-pack was a bit much, but the figures were worth it. I do remember it showing up on clearance afterwards too though. I believe all of the KB exclusives found the markdown gun, with the exception of the Stormtrooper Han & Luke, and the new Clonetroopers. I can still remember getting the Han & Luke. . . nice piece. . . I loved the packaging on the first run of 12" 'Collector Series'. . . that picture box, with book style flap ruled!!!!!!!!!
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    Looks good, though the picture's a bit fuzzy. Will have to wait til I see this big pig in person to decide on whether or not to buy it. I've but recently returned to collecting 12" figures, thanks to Zuckuss and Payback.

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    I agree....if this picture is a good indication of how this figure is going to look, it may push Bossk out of his #1 slot on my list of best 12" figure.
    I'll admit Hasbro is hit n' miss with this line, but I've liked most figures of late. The Zuckuss is really cool & the Dengar was a pleasant surprise. Of the AOTC figures, I still catch myself looking at Obi-Wan on my shelf (especially after adding the cloak from the EpOne version).
    The Gamorrean Guard has been on my "want" list for a long time, so I'm really thrilled it is seeing the light of day....

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    YakFace is listing him at about $19.99.

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    That'd be nice, but I'm not going to count on that price.

    However, they must know they can sell their numbers worth of this exclusive, because if the final product is nice in person, more than a few of us may buy 2 or more of the Gamorrean.
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