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    Darth Vader in Episode II trailer

    I was watching the trailer and noticed something. It appears that Darth Vader is actually in the Trailer.
    He appears in last frame of Obi-Wan on Coruscant going after the Bounty Hunter (just before the clone children). It appears on the right side of him on the building. It is really noticable if you can download the large version. If you watch Obi's expression in the whole sequence it looks like he is actually reacting to the image.

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    Do you have any pictures of this?
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    Here's one of the stills of that scene but I don't see what's he talking about. It just looks like a few buildings with speeders in the way.
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    Of course, that's my opinion I could be wrong.

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    No, I don't have a pic. But if you go to and watch the trailer till you get to the part where Obi is going down the railing and stop it to watch frame by frame, you will see Obi looking directly at it in the final frame just before going to the clone children. On the medium and small versions it is kind of hard to make out, thats why it helps to have the large version.

    Co Jo-Da, that pic from is too premature. Like I said, its the final frame, buildings to the right of Obi, and Obi's looking directly at it.
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    Its the frame of Obi just before this pic in the trailer.

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    I dont see it in the picture, but i taped the trailer from when it was on TV, i am goign to check into it.
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    i see it! it's an outline of him on the building in the background! obi wan is like "who the hell is that?"

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    I have the large version of the trailer and I don't see what you're talking about, Lord_Malakite.

    And yes Darth Vader is in the trailer i.e. Anakin Skywalker.

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    come on, go to the medium version...IT IS THERE!

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    Someone else sees it

    Finally, someone else sees it. I sent an e-mail to and they also saw it. If I knew how made those stills from the video I would show you exactly where it is. Hopefully they will have a pic up to show it soon since I e-mailed them about it too. The only thing is I'm not certain if they recieved it since my e-mail was acting kind of funny earlier.


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