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  • Yes, I have to buy at least one of every figure Hasbro produces, even variations.

    72 12.29%
  • Yes, I want to get 1 version of any new figure, even resculpts, but not the variations.

    251 42.83%
  • Yes, but I complete a collection of only specific types, such as Classic Star Wars.

    50 8.53%
  • No, I now buy only what I really like but I'm mad, as I used to like being a completist.

    121 20.65%
  • No, I never had to have everything, I just get what I really like.

    92 15.70%
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    i'm into one of every carded figure, but not every variation. new cards, yes, but not variations. i've recently become addicted to all 12"s as well.
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    Yeah, I try to get at least one of every 3.75 inch figure. So far, I'm only missing 9.

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    I was trying to be a completist up until the end of POTJ (was missing two ep1 figs though). Ended up selling most of it because of:

    1) storing all those figures, ships, etc... took up waaaaaay too much space
    2) saga collection, 'nuff said!

    Now I just get what I REALLY like!

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    I have always just bought what I really wanted and I will continue doing that cause I don't see the need to get every fig (and there's a lot of stuff released I don't want or don't like) and money and space is a very big issue too
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    I want to be a completist but cannot achieve it without robbing a bank. I try and stay uptodate with 3.75, but can't afford many of the ships.

    I have given up on 12" as I am just sooooooooo far behind (I have about 25% so far so you see what I mean).

    And I just avoid micro machines ..etc as the other lines are enough of a headache already!

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    I'm a completist with regards to the individual 3.75 figures. I get one of each, including rescults, but not variations.

    With the recent offerings from the deluxe line, I've become selective about what I buy.

    I also try to get one of each ship, but I pass on the really out there ones (remember the imperial missle cruiser thing).

    Unless Hasbro really starts to focus on the collector, I may change to being more selective. I've got every espiode IV Luke in tatooine clothes I need or want.

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    Here in the past few months, I have been collecting only one of each figure. I used to collect EVERTHING. Here is the low-down:

    3 3/4 Figures -- I will get each one. I may get a few varations
    depending on what it is. This part of my collecting
    has gotten expensive -- as long as I have one of
    each, I am O.K.
    Vehicles -- If the vehicle is "really cool or has never been released
    beofre -- then I got to have it. The Shuttle and Clone
    ship have been great additions to my collection.
    Deluxe -- If it offers something I like or cant get otherwise.

    12" Figures -- These are the great ones. I still buy one of each
    of this line. They look GREAT in the Cabinet.

    That's about the extent of my collection. Thanks.
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    I am now a fairweather 'completist'

    I currently have over 1,800 Star Wars related items - mostly 3 3/4" figs and vehicles - from vintage to the Saga line.

    With regards to variations, I tried to collect every one: .00, .01, .02, .03, .04, green or red card, open hand/closed hand, piece of tape/no tape, tied/taped, hologram/no hologram, RB/SUB. You name the variation, I probably have it.

    But I am growing old. . .and tired.

    Like Bilbo said, "butter spread too thin over a piece of toast." I am getting tired of all these variations on the Saga line. The number has been mindbogglingly ridiculous. Hasbro's wrist should be slapped. I pretty much stopped collecting variations after POTJ.

    SOoooo. . .I am now a fairweather variations collector. If I hear about a variation and just happen to find it - GREAT. But my thirst for the hunt/variations has subsided. If I find a Yoda w/o the TM - COOL! If a Dexster Jetster w/ BG, and pipe text falls off the pegs and into my cart - AWESOME!

    But I am by no means looking for variations - for I do not sift through bins. I do not look any more than two figures deep on the pegs. And I have no need to buy Saga figs from online vendors.

    My variations days are nearly over with the exception of a FEW (and I mean few) gaps in my POTF2 collection.

    I am merely okay with owning one of everything. . .now.
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    I too used to be a completist. The Classic line of the 70's and 80's is almost complete (aside from a few things that cost as much as an Oldsmobile), but with the new lines out, too many variations, too many rescuplts, and too many Lukes, Hans, Jar Jars, Padmes etc, have lessened my enthusiasm. I just try to get figures from the original movies, or figures that are unique (not Malibu Stacys with new hats)

    I WILL be furiously looking for Antilles and Dodonna though!

    Can we start a campaign for an Tagge, Ozzel, Needa triumverate???
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    I get one of every figure, but no variations for me. I am far from finished with my collection (about 275 open, basic figures [can't remember how many deluxe etc.]). I open them all, except for:
    *Silver R2-D2
    *Extra Jorg Sacul
    *Extra EI Anakin
    *Extra Dagobah Luke w/ short saber in long saber tray
    I have no vintage crap. I have just started to get army builders of Geonosians, Endor soldiers, stormtroopers, tuskens, etc. And for example, I will not be getting the new Eeth Koth because I have the POTJ one.
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