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  • Yes, I have to buy at least one of every figure Hasbro produces, even variations.

    72 12.29%
  • Yes, I want to get 1 version of any new figure, even resculpts, but not the variations.

    251 42.83%
  • Yes, but I complete a collection of only specific types, such as Classic Star Wars.

    50 8.53%
  • No, I now buy only what I really like but I'm mad, as I used to like being a completist.

    121 20.65%
  • No, I never had to have everything, I just get what I really like.

    92 15.70%
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    I'm a near completist. I was a completist until Jorg Sacul and Saga. It took them to wake me up - Jorg being so hard to get, and Saga with it's pre-posed nightmares.
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    I try to get everything I possibly can. I mainly collect just the 3 3/4" line. I start off by getting what looks better than the others. I try to get them all but living in a small area it is hard without having to resort to secondary marketing.
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    Hi I'm Nick, and I am a completeist

    I have attempted to collect every item from the 3 3/4 line since 1977. No variations. No different cards, just one of every fig, playset and vehicle.

    However, I am a little put off by the recent appearance4 of a Saga Teebo and EethKoth, and imperial officer. Are these any different than the POTJ figs?

    The only items I don't have are Eopie and Qui Gonn
    Blue Snaggletooth
    Yak Face
    RC Sandcrawler
    Imperial Sniper
    Jedi Arena (this was a mail away fig display)

    and of course

    the cursed Vlix (those Bas***ds had to include that on the 300th fig poster)

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    Oh I forgot two

    Jorg Sacul and 25th Vader

    THose releases are just not fair!!!

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    I only buy the ones I like, which are usually anything with a realistic sculpt, resculpts, or cool cinema scenes and screen scenes. I cannot afford to be a completist because:a)I live in Canada, b)I don't have enough space in my room.
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    I was a #1 from 95-2001. I collected all card variations and any errors I could find in the POTF2, EP1 and POTJ lines. Now its just one of each figure, unless I really like it and I open one. I also collect the 12", but skipped Ep1 and I refuse to buy Annie and Obi from EP2. Oh and a few Deluxe and ships, no crappy Play sets.
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    Itís getting to be too much. I like the carded figures; but the statue type "figures" like the trash compacter sets really bore me. A lot of the "new" stuff if just rehash. God! How many Chewies do I need. I'm also to the point were I'm looking forward to the time when it will end again. -It will. It might be 5 or 7 years away; but, most everyoneís interest will subdue to the point where it is not profitable to make the figures anymore, then it will be like it was after '87. I'm kind of looking forward to the time when there are a finite number of figures (like there was before the new stuff started in '95.) Then I can collect again without the feeling that itís a bottomless pit.

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    I too am almost looking forward to it ending

    1985 all over again.

    There will be one last wave that will be tough to collect, but at least I'll have a definitive end.

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    I feel like I'm in AA...

    I'm JT and I'm a recovering figure completist. It's been nine months since I last picked up all the figures that were available at the time. I used to buy one of every 4" figure and every major figure variation such as POTF2 blue- to brown-pants Han Endor; I even bought every Episode 1 figure no matter how extreme the pose or limited the articulation -- and nearly all at full price.

    Then, in early 2002, I saw pictures of the upcoming Saga figures and could take no more. For the first time, I felt little or no compulsion to pick up some of the figures being offered, even at the lower price point. Extreme sculpts, megawatt blast effects, pitiful articulation, cheesy packaging, all these and more frustrating elements added up to a heavy lack of interest on my part. For the first time in the modern line, I actively passed up nearly half of the offered figures in the current Star Wars line.

    I would definitely not classify my attitude as "mad", though I did enjoy being a figure completist, but I am greatly disappointed with the direction that Hasbro and Lucasfilm have taken the Star Wars line which used to mean so much to me.
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    I am a completist. I must have one of every 3 3/4" action figure, vehicle, playset and accessory that Hasbro produces. No packaging variations, though. That would be insane.

    Some of the rarer pieces that I own (loose of course):
    Eopie and Qui-Gon
    All Bonus Pit Droids (both styles and colors)
    Darth Maul from Sith Speeder Electronic Game
    Jorg Sacul (traveled to Celebration II just to get it)
    Toy Fair Darth Vader
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