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  • Yes, I have to buy at least one of every figure Hasbro produces, even variations.

    72 12.29%
  • Yes, I want to get 1 version of any new figure, even resculpts, but not the variations.

    251 42.83%
  • Yes, but I complete a collection of only specific types, such as Classic Star Wars.

    50 8.53%
  • No, I now buy only what I really like but I'm mad, as I used to like being a completist.

    121 20.65%
  • No, I never had to have everything, I just get what I really like.

    92 15.70%
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    I collect one of every figure (no variations) from 1995-present. I do not have the money to get all variatons. I have 235 figures. Two of the ones I am most proud of include Jorg Sacul and the 25th anniversary Darth Vader. (paid a lot for that one!!!)
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    So what do you guys think of the current poll?

    I thought it would give everyone a chance to express themselves.

    I can see things like the Jorg Sacul and Toy Fair Vader did not do any favors for Hasbro in the area of keeping customer loyalty.

    I assume that those who got these figures and already had everything else and would stay loyal if they succeeded in acquiring these, but that number is small and finite next to the amount of would-be completists who missed out on these, and may have given up being "Hasbro's perfect customers."

    Next, what JediTricks posted was very funny: "I feel like I'm in AA - my name is JediTricks and I'm a recovering completist...."

    But JT and many others are stating very accurate complaints about the line today.

    I debated about posting, but was going to wait to organize my thoughts more, but I think I got what I want to say now.

    I was never a completist - I got into this (again) when there were only 9 new figures in '95, but I decided to do dioramas because I finally had my own place, my own ride, and my own precious, over-extended credit card. The first 9 figures, and in fact just about all of them until 1998 were basically essential.

    I decided to collect Shadows of the Empire, in hopes that the hobby would continue gathering the momentum it had shown, and eventually get so strong that I'd have all the EU figures I wanted so badly - like Thrawn and Mara Jade, but including Palleon, the Noghri, and Talon Karrde, so that I could use these new and realistic-looking figures to "see" what the Episodes 7,8,& 9 that I dreamed of, might have looked like had they hit a silver screen. (You should see Luke's escape at Myrkr that I made with a custom Luke, saber-launching R2D2, some custom smugglers representing, Karrde's men, Han Solo, Mara Jade, Lando General, and a lot of Bikerscouts and Stormtroopers in a quiet beach town that I set up as New Hallyard City!)

    Well, I've been skipping figures since resculpts began with blast shield Luke, and new-likeness-but-limited-pose-Leia. ('98) and turned down pack-ins since the Scanning Crew Dude in the Falcon carry-case (made my own with vintage heads and AT-ST Driver bodies).

    That never disappointed me - as the less I spend on "all the figures," the more I can spend on "some of the figures" - like getting over 80 Stormtroopers early on was very important to me - and I have like 12 Gamorreans, good counts on Death Star Troopers, and other army builders since even before Hasbro thought mounting these kinds of armies was important to some of us.

    I did not buy BE Chewie, ER Han, Luke X-wing (POTJ), and many other recent figures, but just breathe a sigh of relief and figure I'll pay off or save up for one more Clone Trooper.

    But sure, the over-exaggerated action poses disappointed me: I need figures of Kit Fisto, Luminara, even Obi-Wan that they do not make yet. Luminara looks great in my Arena Battle, but had she been sculpted differently, I might've bought more of her for at least 2 scenes in Palpatine's office, I'm planning to make permanent displays out of.

    Then, there's needing a resculpt of characters like every angry Anakin that would look ridiculous appearing that way next to Padme in her wedding gown. That takes away one more figure from one more assortment that might have given us General Dodonna or Captain Antilles a long time ago.

    While the new Anakin looks great and I plan to buy about a dozen of that figure for future dioramas, I worry that if too many Anakins are on the shelf, the hobby will die too soon and I won't have a General Rieeken.

    One of the best things that keeps me interested, is getting Classic Figures they never made before. I was ecstatic with the hobby as I got a Han Stormtrooper, Wedge Antilles, Slave Leia, Grand Moff Tarkin, the first Sandtrooper, even Luke Dagobah, Ishi Tibb, Captain Piett, and at long last a Darth Vader with removeable helmet! Figures I've waited for ever since the original line died out. - and I finally got Thrawn and Mara Jade.

    While I too also look forward to a time when I can pay my debts from Star Wars, catch my breath a little, and concentrate on buying cases and enclosures to display my stuff loose within - work almost to a professinal level on a sarlaac monster, etc., I don't really want the hobby to die out.

    In spite of our "collector grumblings," the line was stronger than it has ever been this past Christmas with Star Wars action figures being the No. 1 toy demanded this year on Santa's wish lists nation wide according to a lot of toy-buying guides that parents turned to for resources. No. 2 on the list happened to be Star Wars role-play lightsabers - and while I own 3 to have samples of different colors and hilt styles - I don't collect these. Kids purchase the majority of them as I've seen countless lightsaber fights at the beach, and it was easy to distinguish them on the 4th of July. This is all because AOTC played really strongly. It didn't have to beat TPM at the box office - that's because a lot of non-fans viewed TPM, and old fans disillusioned by it dropped out of the SW theater audiences - not to mention the DVD was just around the corner from the theatrical release of AOTC (I saw Clones in the theater almost exactly 30 days before the DVD release).

    However, with the lines strength, came no Talon Karrde figure, no Noghri, and not even a Yuuzhan Vong at the height of the New Jedi Order adult novel series' popularity (not to mention the chance to do another McFarlane styled alien with props like Amanaman's and detail like Ephant Mon's).

    Instead we got Chewbacca - and next year another Chewbacca. While they do keep getting better than 1995's, I'm not about replacing figures in scenes I've already done.

    I would be happy though, if this hobby could continue for generations to come and if one day I have grandkids, at least a Luke Tatooine and basic Han Solo (improved to who knows how much better?) will be on the racks in perhaps a very small space (maybe 1-2 racks) dedicated to keeping Star Wars' light on, and maybe there might not be any more Tarkin figures made - and certainly not a Wuher or even someone like Bom Vimdim that we're still waiting for, but Star Wars will still be there for me to share with even my grandkids' kids - if anyone still marries guys with Star Wars collections the size of mine!

    I know that these new collectors that replace ones that fall away, will have to have Luke Tatooine, and Han from the Cantina, Leia in white with her buns, and even JarJar Binks as the outcast in the swamp. I don't mind and my enjoyment of collecting is not going to end because of that. I may not buy those figures (ok - I won't buy those figures) but as long as I have days like today where I learned that I'm finally going to get Captain Antilles and General Dodonna after having wanted them since 1978, I am in this hobby for as far into the future as I can see.

    The resculpts I'll save money from. The debt will be paid as fewer and fewer new figures I want get produced - and my income after college only increases with time, even higher education, and work experience (as might be the case for all of us). But Star Wars will survive and my collection will represent its best years and be something of a jaw-dropper for new fans of the future who's parents might show them these timeless films.

    Who knows? Like Pokemon started as a cardgame, or PowerRangers an after-school show, Star Wars is much more cooler and may not need to have any more movies to have some kind of licensed property bring it back to popularity - so maybe there will be a 2015 resculpt of Wuher because of popular demand?
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    I just want to at least have a full collection in my possession. So far the SAGA basic figures are the closest I have to a complete set (for the '02 figures).
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    I guess I need to clarify my post a little. I really do like seeing Star Wars figures on the shelves when I go to the stores, even if I don't get them all for all the reasons in previous posts. However, I think in time the existing run of toys will end. At that point I will find it much easier to set a goal of getting a complete set (second hand by then.) But for now while they are still churning them out, I'll need to pick and choose because I have no idea how much being "complete" will cost.

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    I used to buy everything I could get my hands on. But that put me way in over my head in debt and room in my place. Now I only buy figs from the Cantina and Jabba's Palace to complete my dioramas.
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    As I stated earlier, I answered, "Yes, but I complete a collection of only specific types, such as Classic Star Wars."

    I only buy 3-3/4" figures and some vehicles. I gave up collecting Legos and Micromachines(I'm thinking about selling them).

    I don't have every figure. I skipped the Millenium Minted coins, Leia 2-packs, and some of the gunner stations and cinema scenes. I also never got he Leia Commtech because I don't want spend $20 on her.

    I don't have too many big vehicles, mostly because I'm cheap. I have the AT-AT ($25 on clearance) and the B-Wing (gift from my wife). In fact, other than the Landspeeder(Saga version) and the Skiff, I think every vehicle I have was purchased on clearance.

    With the lack of Classic Trilogy figures being released, I've started army building. I got 3 Stormtrooper sets, and I plan on getting the Sandtrooper and Rebel Fleet trooper sets this year. I will pass on the Endor Rebel set.

    -I don't collect Variations/Errors (although I do have a "bloody stump" Luke)
    -I open almost all of my figures (I have about 20 carded figures that I have duplicates of (I will probably try to get rid of some of them)
    -I only purchased 4 Episode 1 figures (Yoda, R2-D2, and a couple Darth Mauls) and I only have Classic Trilogy POTJ figures.
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    i agree with dwall. I was a completist until the saga line started (the shuttle really killed this for me too). right now i am just buying what i like and opening that one figure or ship. i used to be one of the guys that would buy two, one to open and one to stay in the box yadda, yadda, yadda. But issues of money and space forced me re-evaluate my collecting habits. maybe when the line ends and i know how much is out there and how much money and room it will take i will finish a complete 1995- 200? run. until then, i work on finishing my boxed vintage collection.
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    Well, from the beginning of the line I have tried to be a completist. I guess it is a habit I got from early on when I collected stamps with my grandfather. I MUST have one of every figure, that is the priority. I then try to get every major variation as well, and if I can find them for an inexpensive price, I will pick up the slight variations. Being a huge Star Wars fan/collector, I try to pick up just about everything though, not just the Hasbro stuff. However, having a limited flow of funds, it is difficult to get everything. So I prioritize my purchases:

    I stated earlier that the single 3 3/4" take precedence over everything else.

    Deluxe get picked up when they are inexpensive.

    Vehicles and Beasts. . . if they come with a pack-in definitely,
    otherwise when ever the opportunity arrises.

    Exclusives. . . always try to get these because there is the possibility that I may not be able to get them at a later date.

    12". . . one of each, but I am not concerned with variations.

    I always try to pick up promotional items, and give aways (like Pepsi stuff, and fast food items), so upon a movie's release I usually go crazy. Its is times like the current (no promotional pieces), when I am able to go back and pick up some of the stuff I may have missed (Speeders, Deluxe figures, etc.)

    So I voted for the first choice. . . I am a completist in every true definition of the word. Although I would like EVERY single item that is released, I do pick and choose occasionally. . . but I am still a true completist at heart.
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    I just collect the villians, too many Vaders, Mauls, J. Fetts, & now Dooku/Tyranus.

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    I voted for completist (3-3/4" and 12"), including resculpts, but not variations. If I happen to know about a variation and come across it, I'll pick it up though.

    I've got almost all of the current POTF2 - present line. I'm missing a few E1, Leia and gen. Tagge w/ the CT, and Ephant Mon. I also used to get 2 of each fig, but w/ the volume of fig's for the Saga line I haven't been able to catch up. In addition to the fig's, I've collected all the ships and playsets (in hindsight I wish I hadn't gotten most of the playsets- very disappointing!).

    I'm missing about 10 (or so) of the 12" line.

    As for the rest, including LEGO, I just get what I like (and can afford- else I'd have the UCS Star Destroyer ). I'm not a big bust collector, but the Yoda, DV, Boba, and Clone Trooper might change my mind.
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