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  • Yes, I have to buy at least one of every figure Hasbro produces, even variations.

    72 12.29%
  • Yes, I want to get 1 version of any new figure, even resculpts, but not the variations.

    251 42.83%
  • Yes, but I complete a collection of only specific types, such as Classic Star Wars.

    50 8.53%
  • No, I now buy only what I really like but I'm mad, as I used to like being a completist.

    121 20.65%
  • No, I never had to have everything, I just get what I really like.

    92 15.70%
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    Angry completist

    I used to collect all 3 3/4. For a while I persevered with the nasty assortments and engaging with damned scalpers in the early am.
    When POTJ first came out everything got worse. Not only was the packaging ugly enough to give me a headache it seemed that poor assortments and scalpers multiplied like cockroaches. At this point I slowed down.
    My true turning point was when I went to a target and this guy was strolling up to the register with a cart full of new figures. I stopped him and asked if these with the new items. He said yes and that there was plenty back on the pegs for everyone.
    I went back and looked and there was nothing except about a dozen Jek Porkins.
    I couldn't take it anymore. I just wanted to collect for my own fun, a hobby that my wife even approved of and people like this idiot were ruining it for me. I am sure he was taking those figures directly to ebay to make a few dollars. Big deal I am sure he could do better for his time on a real job. I figure when buying from creeps like this on ebay more markup goes to paying shipping that the seller makes in profit per figure and us true collectors get taken for it.
    Anyway I went to the parking lot to do some dental work on this guy, just one shot. I could not do it though, he wasn't worth it. I felt I would be more like him afterwards if I did so. The worst of it is that now if I see a bunch of figures I want, i can not buy them all at once because I think others should be given a chance to get what they may like.

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    I voted "No, I never had to have everything, I just get what I really like."
    Though, a mutated combo of #4 and #5 would be way more accurate ...
    "No, I used to like being (or think I was) a completist, now I just get what I really like (and can afford.)"
    I would state for the record ... if I figured out this Lotto thing with the 6 numbers and the big jackpot and all that ... I'd probably go back to buying everything with a StarWars logo on it. For now, I'm happy to focus on OT figures both 3 3/4" and 12" (esp. ones that were never made before) and some of the more unique prequel figures.
    ... and, errr ...
    what I buy for my "son" to play with should be completely ignored, as that pile of plastic has NOTHING to do with me.

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    I am realy not an completist
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    I buy two of each of the carded figures, including resculpts. I don't care about variants, errors, or card condition. I'm really picky about getting figs with good paint jobs.

    I used to be a completist, but POTF2 became too fragmented with many different lines to collect. I like the 12" line but I don't like spending $20 per figure, so I usually only buy the ones I really like. I buy all the Classic Trilogy vehicles and playsets, plus extras if I really like them or see them on sale or clearance.

    I couldn't get excited about Episode I product so I passed on most of the 12", Deluxe, Battle Bags, Beasts, and the Flash Speeder. Got the playsets and pod racers on clearance.

    I really liked AOTC, so I'm a little more enthusiastic about the toys. But I've waited to buy the 12", playsets, Deluxe, and vehicles for when they go on clearance. I don't really like the Unleashed line.
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    Post Script: I do collect all of the SW LEGO sets, preferably on sale or clearance. I will buy extras of sets on clearance for parts.

    I am missing one set: the Battle Droid Carrier from Episode I.

    I really want a Imperial Star Destroyer, but will have to save for that one!
    Weird War Tales: Featuring the Creature Commandos #105 November 1981 (DC Comics)

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    There's just so much crap that's out there. You'd have to devote a good part of your time (not to mention $$$) to search for and purchase collectibles. It simply got out of hand with the hype of Episode I and its oversaturation of merchandise to collectors. We were simply drowned by all of it. For instance, I dunno how much FAO Schwarz got burned by Hasbro's flood, but I'd imagine in the least, their revenues were hit by Hasbro Star Wars merchandise that stores such as Walmart, Kmart, TRU, and Target clearanced long before FAO thought about sale prices. It was ridiculous. I've become gun shy about collecting since then. Now, I just purchase few items that I feel cannot be found again if passed up once. For the most part, at least half of all Star Wars figures, vehicles, and playsets will be clearanced at some point in time. So why pay retail for this latter stuff from the outstart? Patience is indeed a virtue to be cultivated in most collectors. One gets wiser, and more prudent about the art of collecting with years under one's belt. Hopefully, not too long after Episode III will this friggin madness stop and we can all put Star Wars to rest, and move on to other cult icons. The world does not revolve around Star Wars, but for those who think it does, enjoy it while it lasts.

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    I have to admit that I have one of every figure variant, regular, vehicle, scene you name it all the way up until mid E. 1, then I am missing around 25 all together from mid E. 1 to present. I am a loose collector of 3 3/4 inch figures, I tried with the 12 inch but I am so far behind in that, I just pick up the ones I like now.

    My hope is to one day have one of at least every 3 3/4 inch figure that hasbro puts out in American release, so that one day I can come out of the "Star Wars" closet and be known around the globe as the guy who wasted his entire life a a Star Wars toy Bounty Hunter. Hey it beats buying those stupid ceramic clowns!!
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    I voted #3 since I collect the 12" line only. I do have every Star Wars 12" figure Hasbro has made though.

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    Loose collector seeking one of every 3.75inch figure, be they pack ins, exclusives, deluxes, builder sets, EU crap releases, or plain basic carded figures. Been this way since I was 6 and it's not going to change any time soon. Stupid part is Im mostly happier with the stuff in the package - as soon as I open the figures disappointment takes over 99% of the time.
    I think less than half of the Saga figures released in all the above mentioned formats were worth the money I spent on them.
    I dislike resculpts and preposed figures as I'd prefer to buy only one "definitive" version of each character and have more fringe characters produced.
    Im happier with the collection 2 figures.
    Im waiting with baited breath for this years OT releases, as I think most of the 30ish bunch are.
    I want Hasbro to revert to the POTJ style of figure.

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    Star wars toys, it's like friggin' cat nip for collectors. When it all comes down to it, I'm glad I am addicted to buying Star Wars toys rather than being addicted to crack! At least I always have something to play with. Maybe one day, when all is said and done, I'll be able to give it all to the needy and every kid in the world will at least have one star wars toy!
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