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    Thumbs up AF 2003 : New Boxes : Pics of Spider Droid & more !!! has posted the pics of the upcoming Action Fleet (boxed) : Gunship, Homing Spider Dro´d, Zam Wessel's spider, Anakin's spider.

    All are great ! The new clear boxes are great ! No need to open the boxes to display the ships !
    The new Gunship has clear cockpit windows and laser turrets (beautiful job).
    The Homing dro´d is amazing, I love it. It looks like the HG Wells Martian Machine.
    The Zam's speeder is uncomparable to the 3,3/4" one. After seeing the Action Fleet, you can drop your 3,3/4" to the discharge garbage !
    Same thing for the beautiful Anakin's "American Graffiti-like" Hot-Rod just see by yourself.

    Great job buddies !!!

    Here are the pics :
    # Homing spider Dro´d :

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    Thumbs up Here is the Gunship !

    Republic "soviet copter" Gunship.

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    Thumbs up Zam's Speeder.

    Zaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam-ouch!!! sooo fast !

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    Thumbs up Anakin's Hot-Rod

    I forgot ! You does not like to control...

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    SWEET, good to see they fixed the Gunship. I'll definately be buying the Homing Spider Droid & Gunship.

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    They are all GREAT!!!!!! Hope to see them soon!!
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    WOW!!! , after first seeing the gunship i was dissapointed but this one looks amazing ..thank god they put clear cockpits in it ,,and all the other ships look amazing !!!!!! is the speeder boxes slightly smaller??. all we need now is some figures (those ships definetly look as if theve been desighned for figures :-)....

    Thankyou sicqnus for posting those fabulous pics...

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    They look awesome. Did anyone notice? It looks like Zam's Speeder cockpit opens. And if you look closely you can see 2 seats.

    Maybe we will see AF mini-figures?? Man, I hope so.
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    I'm not a huge MM fan, but I really like the Gunship!
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    The vehicles are nice but why new boxes? It seems like Hasbro's gonna be spending more on packaging than it is the vehicles. The full window box ones are gonna get crushed so easily it's not even funny. Plus since the only cardboard there to protect them is on the bottom, this could lead to the vehicles themselves getting hurt.
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