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    Talking Lava Planet in Episode III?


    SPY REPORT: Hot Tamale
    Mon, Jan 20, 03 09:57:32 AM EST

    Last week we posted some information on the working tile for Episode III and a few neat tidbits were dropped about Luke and Leia in a Lucas interview with Fox. Sounds like this week is going to start off strong in the rumor realm again. Highlight to read the possible spoilers!
    I was talking to one of the guys who knows what is going on over there and of course the final Star Wars movie had to come up. And while not much was revealed in our conversation, I can say that there are currently people working on Episode 3 at Fox Studios Australia.
    The real news? Lucas wants a Lava Planet in Episode III - or at least a partial set to be constructed. Tie this information in with the fact that LucasFilm commissioned someone to film that volcanic eruption in Italy a couple of months ago and you've got something quite interesting I think. The guy confirmed a return to Tatooine as expected and then I missed the last part - I'll try to find more and get back with you.

    The scene mentioned above has long been rumored ... is it finally going to be seen?
    Now this is VERY good news, I've always imagined Obi-Wan Kenobi fighting an Anakin Skywalker full of rage on a Lava Planet, I wonder what it would look like?
    I heard that Anakin got his injuries from when his Jedi Starfighter crashed in an earlier Spoiler Report... but this sounds more plausible.
    I can't wait for Episode III

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    Yes! That "burnt to a crisp with blackened bloody stumps for limbs" Anakin figure I've been wanting is a forseeable possibility now!

    Watch them have 2 versions, bloody and non-bloody.

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    4 versions....original, crispy, x-tra crispy, and rotisserie (sp?).

    Man I love spoilers. I wonder if it will be a lava planet or just a volcano erupting on a new or existing planet. Seeing how Lucas likes new planet environments I bet it will be a lava planet.

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    Wishing he was at SDCC. *sigh*
    Unfortunatly, it will all be CG, and not an actual lava flow, in which we see Hayden get pushed in to simulate an actual lave injury.
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    Originally posted by mini-rock
    4 versions....original, crispy, x-tra crispy, and rotisserie (sp?).
    And then they'll release a 5th version, TenderRoast, but it will fail miserably because the customers will be ticked that they can't get Rotisserie anymore.

    Man I love spoilers.
    Me too !
    I try to avoid spoilers for all other movies, but when it comes to Star Wars I want to learn of the spoilers as they are released.
    I love the speculation, I love the Spy Reports, I just love it as a part of my hobby.
    I'm really excited for this summer as shooting starts, and then this fall as they really get into postproduction.
    One of my fondest memories of slacking in college during Fall 2000 was reading up on all the spoilers while I should have been getting some work done.

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    Re: Lava Planet in Episode III?

    Originally posted by Darth Trymybestus
    I heard that Anakin got his injuries from when his Jedi Starfighter crashed in an earlier Spoiler Report... but this sounds more plausible.
    You don't by chance refer to this spoiler report, do you ?

    Originally posted by DeadEye
    Ok. Mace and Jar Jar die...

    Anakin does not fall into a lava pit, he is wounded when his starfighter is shot down.

    Padme gets wounded and Anakin believes she is dead. He has nothing left to live for and thusly becomes Vader.

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    hmmm that's a coincidence
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    I saw concept art picturs from ROTJ that had the Emperor's throne room surrounded by lava. I wonder if they will use those for Episode 3.

    Of course, the power supply on my computer at home is out, so I can't access the link.
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