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    so......did my computer crash???

    calling all tech-heads!!! you guys have been really helpful in the past so........

    last night i loaded flight combat simulator 3 onto my computer, a Sony, pentium 4, 1.5 Ghz. according to the game requirements, my machine should of handled this game easily. i completed the install and re-started my computer as required to complete installation. well, here is were the problem started.

    the computer restarted and then just froze at the windows boot up screen. the fan kept running and running like it does when the computer is first turned on. this went on for a while, so i restarted it again (ctrl-alt-delete) and the same thing happened.

    after un-plugging everything and re-starting numerous times, still my computer wouldn't work, so i pulled out the "system restore" CD that came with my computer and ended up erasing everything on my harddrive and had to re-load all my software. luckily all i do is talk to you guys and play games, so didn't lose anything important.

    everything seems to be working fine did my computer crash? did i do the right thing? or what should i have done?
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    Is it a Gateway? My Gateway did that exact thing, with a different game.

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    Yup. Possibly the game had overwritten the drivers needed to boot up certain aspects of your operating system. I had that problem with a web creation software package, same thing you described. Only booted up to the windows startup logo. I took the system down to my tame technician and he told me after having a poke around that a load of system drivers were missing so there was no way windows would boot up. The software had overwritten the existing drivers with previous versions that had bugs. Windows couldn't recogise the old drivers because it was geared to the newer ones it came with. essentially lobotomising windows.
    Other possibility is the software is virused. Did you virus scan the disk before installing? Had something similar happen from a virused disk i got as a freebie from a magazine. Okay so i'm assuming you were installing a case fresh bought copy of the full game. Did you check the disk for scratches or other defects in the written data? that'd show up as a strange dark patch like a water mark in the middle layer of the disk. If there was a defect not all the data would have transferred correctly and if drivers didn't get written completely that were needed to start up then your system would definately have problems. Every installation automatically gets added to start up menu and windows attempts to open thaose programmes alongside the operating system. If there's a fault in the start up of one of them windows gets confused and just grinds to a stupid halt. Best bet after an install is to remove the new programme from the start up menu so windows doesn't try to open it at reboot. To remove from startup you need to do this if using windows 98:

    click start > programs > accessories > system tools > system information.

    new window pops up. click tools > system configuration utility.

    new window pops up. click startup. then scroll down the listed items until you find the programme you just installed. If you made a note of the directory it installed to you should have a clue as to what it's called itself in the start up file. Do not touch anything you don't recognise like syshook or 'ini' files. Just look for the named things like games. Each item has a chack box next to it. uncheck the games and when done click 'OK' the system will then restart itself but will tell you its doing it beforehand. Hopefully that will clear up a few registry problems at startup too and make your start up faster.

    I stress again do not touch stuff unless you know what it is. deleting files from startup willy nilly will seriously kill your PC.

    That sounded patronising doidn't it? sorry wasn't meant that way. I just know from past experience that's all. killed my first PC stone cold dead like that. Deleted the core of the system somehow.

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    thanks jargo.

    funny thing is the game is made by microsoft to run on machines that run microsoft software. i did re-install the game, and it works now, but runs a bit sluggish on my computer.

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    I had something like that happen to my computer, too. Mine was from a corrupted DLL, but the part I am referring to is the thing about it running sluggishly on your computer. After I had to reinstall XP and all of the drivers along with everything else, I noticed that a lot of my programs run slower. My e-mail program takes awhile to load, same thing with explorer. I've noticed it with a few other things, buy yeah.....I understand that sluggish thing.
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    Make your life a Mac.
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    Originally posted by EricRG
    Make your life a Mac.
    ... yes, your problems will be over, because you wont be able to run ANY of the programs you want to. (A joke, har-har!) I own both ... the Mac looks better on the desk next to its IBM friends, but I wouldn't say that it's more or less reliable. Garbage in, garbage out. Bad software and weird combinations of different programs can cause problems regardless of the computer or its OS. Keep your machines clean and free of clutter if you can ... and if possible have one machine for fun things like gaming and another for things like graphics programs (or other "work" stuff.) If you can't do that, then just be careful what you're loading on and make sure you frequently back up your important files.


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    I don't know what OS you are running on your Mac, but since I got mine with OS X in April, it simply does not crash.
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    Originally posted by James Boba Fettfield
    After I had to reinstall XP and all of the drivers along with everything else, I noticed that a lot of my programs run slower. My e-mail program takes awhile to load, same thing with explorer. I've noticed it with a few other things, buy yeah.....I understand that sluggish thing.
    check your page file... the hard disk space that windows xp uses as "virtual" memory. it's suggested that your page file be 1.5 times your actual physical memory. if you have 256 mb, it should be 384 mb...

    go to control panel, double click on "system," and it will show the "general" tab... open the "advanced" tab, and in the "performance" section, click on the "settings" button. it will show the "visual effects" tab. click on the "advanced" tab again, and it will show "processor scheduling," "memory usage," and "virtual memory..." obviously, click on "change" in the virtual memory section, unless it is already showing the setting at the above suggested ratio. if it appears to be incorrect, after clicking on "change," you can either have windows manage the page file size, or in the "custom" heading you can determine the amount of space for yourself...

    if this isn't the problem, i'm gonna need some more info... why did you have to reinstall? what version is it - home or pro?

    as for mac versus mic, both OSX and WXP are amazingly stable, as OSX is built in UNIX and WXP is based on the NT kernell as opposed to the W95 kernell.

    derek, did you do anything differently the second time you installed? if it's running sluggishly, you can probably change some options in the main game menu, like the screen resolution, amount of texturing, and hardware acceleration... i hope you have a graphics card, and aren't running on the motherboard's integrated graphics... they generally suck a lot...
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    i hope you have a graphics card, and aren't running on the motherboard's integrated graphics... they generally suck a lot...
    yea, i have a Ge Force 2. i was thinking of getting the Ge Force 4 and boosting my RAM, but if this computer is going to have problems, i may reconsider dropping $300 on a video card.

    i didn't do anything different on the second re-install, but for a day my USB ports wouldn't recognize my joystick. i lowered the resolution on the game, but instead of just decreasing the detail, it made everything bigger so i couldn't see the whole screen. i had to adjust the V-hold just to close the "graphics" menu!

    so in regards to re-installing everything, is that what i should of done?
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