Something that's concerned the forums staff for quite a while is the level of incivility stemming from certain "hot button" topics such as religion and politics. We've gotten complaints about this several times, and certainly we've witnessed it far more often than we'd like. For a while, we had been trying out techniques like the "2-in-12 rule", but it's becoming apparent that the depth of the situation goes further than even that can accomodate.

The topic of religion has always been one of a sensitive nature that holds deep, unique meaning for each individual; during open discussion, this can cause misunderstanding and even disrespect to be interpretted by others when this may or may not be the author's intent, and this often leads to hurt feelings and infighting and scores of other unpleasantries. Sometimes, the very notion of discussing these issues can be an affront to others beliefs leading to frustration and anger.

The option of a permanent ban on these subjects has been brought up more than once by the forums staff and is currently being strongly considered. I believe a 72-hour period to reflect upon this and consider how to better deal with these issues may help, but this is pretty much the last chance -- after this, if more problems arise, the ban on all religious topics will likely become permanent.

These forums are an all-ages site, we welcome and try to keep a fun place for everybody. If you would like to make a comment or suggestion about anything related to the forums or the site, please post in the Comments/Suggestions forum. Thank you for your understanding.