I think the arm cutting is going to be a little over-used if Anakin gets sliced. Zam Wessel has her arm cut off. Anakin decapitates a tusken. Tons of Jedi get slaughtered in the arena. too much arma nd head cutting man! leave a little for the next chapter and don't overdo it. I was saying the other day how no one in star wars ever loses a leg but Cliegg has lost his in the tusken attack so that's one. but a saber should have cut through Mauls legs in EP1 if you think about it. Instead it took Obi to slice him in two and both his legs and lower torso went west. So Maul doesn't really count. It's very Arabic all this hand and arm cutting don't you think? Sort of Oriental too. Strange all the same.

Sam jackson was on a talk show here i the UK tonight. He confirmed yet again that his saber will indeed be purple. And that he had done a lot of solo filming with George on total greenscreen stages. Filming the arena sequences. he talked of the arena creatures which were about as big as a utility truck he said but that there were bigger ones. he went on to describe his twirling and jumping around as he imagined the creatures attacking him and said he loved it all and felt like a big kid doing his scenes. he likened his experience to being a kid on the playground. He used the term 'synthespians' to describe creations like jar Jar but insisted, when asked if george would replace real actors eventually, that he would definately always need real actors. Even down to providing the voices for the 'synthespians'.

just thought I'd share that while I remembered a little bit of the interview.