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    New SPY REPORT- scenes in the film?

    As posted in a new article on, these are reprotedly some scenes that will be in the film. Some of them aren't really NEW news, but the last one... hmmm- I dunno....

    Obi-Wan cuts off Zam Wesell's arm after the Coruscant chase.
    has been discussed and pretty much confirmed...

    "One of the coolest scenes during the battle was a point when Obi Wan takes a swing at Jango with his saber, Jango jet-packs out of the way and clings to the side of a building, crawling on it like a spider (I assume he has some kind of magnetic gloves and boots). Then HE FIRES HIS BACKBACK ROCKET AT OBI WAN!!! We actually get to see this thing getting used!!! "
    Is this what was seen in the trailer?

    "We also find out that Count Dooku was once Qui-Gon's Master hence some of Qui Gon's "rebellious" qualities." (This would explain why none of the books have been allowed to mention Qui-Gon's master up till now. - ed.)

    Shmi was apparently kidnapped weeks before Anakin arrived on Tatooine and was held hostage by the Tusken Raiders.
    Ani! You're late...

    There's a scene where "C-3PO falls into the battle droid making machine and emerges with a battle droid head attached to his shoulders while C-3PO's head gets attached to a battle droid body."

    Any thoughts???
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