Hi all, a while back I picked up some red carded Episode I figures at my local K-Mart. They were 50 cents each, so I picked up a few for customizing. Well, I had a little extra time to myself so I put together a custom Mace Windu figure. I used the upper torso of a Jedi Duel Qui-Gon, and the head and lower torso/legs of the Ep. I Mace. It took some time to dremmel out some of the pieces to make them fit. Then I painted the hands and added a Sculpey collar and I was done.

It's not the best Mace custom, but it only cost me a buck to make. And now I have a nice, neutral posed Mace.

Ummm.. actually it cost $1.50 because I had to buy a Ki-Adi Mundi figure to get the purple lightsaber