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    GEEZ!! What's up with the oversized helmets? Other than that I really don't care about the smiley face as long as she can sit on the bike properly. Thanks for the heads up turbo.

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    Yeah, yeah...I'm not so hot on that whack expression she's sporting either. The outfit looks good and detailed though. I'll probably just pose her with Wicket and save the bike for the re-issued Biker Scout that hopefully will hit around the same time.
    I gotta say....the Action Collection isn't too bad this year (so far). LOTS of classic characters. The Gammorrean Guard looks fantastic & the Skiff Lando looks pretty decent too.

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    I might have to splurge and get this one as a Christmas present to myself.

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    what's RS? I'd like to see these pictures

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    Rebelscum, another SW toy/collectible website.

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    I'm really disappointed in the dumb smile. That's just wrong.

    I really demand to know who thought of that? (making her smile).

    Who at Hasbro does not understand Star Wars?

    Princess Leia Ceremony Attire (or an Ewok Princess dress) could smile - other than that, NO LEIA figure should ever be smiling.

    Star Wars is a tragedy! Duh!


    Next, Leia's hair. Great. Have real hair and style it like Leia's. However, Leia always had some loose strands hanging like "sideburns." Letting some of that loose would give the figure that much more realism.

    But in speaking about realism, Carrie Fisher was much more attractive than the face on that doll. The Leia Endor figure looks NOTHING like her!

    The General's uniform (underneath the poncho).

    Where's the rank insignia? Where's her wrist commlink?

    Why is that MOLDED PLASTIC belt so cheaply detailed and so horribly unauthentic, when (1st Wave of modern 12" ever) Han Solo's was nearly perfect, 7 years ago!)


    Some good points:

    Kudos for the GI Jane body. It's about time. I guess they spent more money on that, than they did on hiring a talented sculptor. 'Doh!

    The Speederbike paint deco. Cool!

    Leia's gun - nice they can be thoughtful once in a while.


    The verdict: I may actually pass on getting this.

    1) I want Luke and Leia to ride the same bike, so I don't need her to have a bike.

    2) I have 2 scouts w. bikes, and Luke w. a bike.

    3) Leia could be remade and sold as a single boxed figure in a regular assortment somewhere down the road, and I'd be kicking myself if they made her better (I don't buy duplicate 12" if they come packaged differently unless I'm using them in scenes). I'd rather get a later Leia that Hasbro improves to cover the points I discussed earlier.

    4) I'm usually labeled "a Hasbro appologist" around here, but I always call it like it is. I don't have an agenda. But I do not like what I see in my first impression of Leia Endor - something I was really looking forward to.

    Sad but true.
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    I may just end up getting this for when the Scout Trooper comes out, because I never was able to grab one. Plus the Luke's are still in stock I think, I can always just toss her on there with him.

    She's pretty boring though, I mean yeah she's two figures in one but come on.. Why do they have to depict the latest Leias as either a poledancer (Unleashed) or just hap-hap-happy (12")?? It's saddening..

    What they could've - no, should've done was make Luke and Leia a 2-pack and then rerelease the Scout w/ Bike, or just released Luke and Leia seperately but still rereleased the Scout w/ Bike.

    You'd think since the only new stuff are Leia's gear, they could at least put some really nice work into it.
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    RS Rebel scum. I just knew it would be a site I knew of!



    -Paul <-- can't see the forest for the trees.

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    Here is a look at the final product, boxed:

    SSG News
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    Looks awesome!! Thanks SirSteve.


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