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    Why couldn't they have released a 12" speeder bike by itself and then: Biker Scout 12", Luke in Endor Gear, and Leia in Endor Gear?? It isn't hard to think of doing something like that! But no, if you want a Luke in Endor Gear you have to get a speeder bike too! Or if you want a speeder bike(battle damaged), you have to get the crappy Leia (too) with the stupid smile and oversized helmet. I think Hasbro needs to start releasing small vehicles by themselves for the 12" line. Any big vehicles made for 12" would be lame, and there's no way they'd do it...which is 100% understandable. They don't need to do it. Just make a 12" swoop and speeder bike...maybe even a 12" landspeeder...stuff like that.
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    When should we expect to see this in stores?

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    3-6 months after Hasbro says so.

    But actually, in the past, Target has been pretty good about ordering their exclusives and getting them out.

    Comic Con is coming, and if the bike is expected this summer, I'd watch for it to get released soon.

    I distinctly remember having my bikes at retail price (actually I got Luke for the discount price of the Bikerscout because they didn't change the sku, so $12.99 hahaha) but I had them before I saw them being scalped at Comic Con for like 80-100 bucks.

    They should be like around $50.

    Want a solution?

    Find a first wave 2002 Clone Trooper, or pick up a KB exclusive capt. or cmmdr. and put him on Luke's bike.

    Put Luke WITH Leia on her bike, and recreate the magic of the movie, that way (or put Luke jumping on the back of your scout trooper's bike, preparing to throw him off!)

    In any case, the Bikerscout is the coolest one and I was lucky to get 2 of those. It remains today the BEST packaged concept of any Star Wars product ever IMO. It literally comes in its own diorama which looks 10 times better than even what they've been able to do with the window-boxed ships, etc.

    With no room to make this 12" display until I buy a house, I've never opened either of my Bikerscouts. My friend did, way back when they were new, so I'm still comfortable with my best box sealed tight. However, they WILL be opened. I'll just cringe and take pain killers when I do it.
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    Leia and Speederbike in Singapore

    Got my Leia and Speederbike yesterday at my local toy shop... BTW, i'm in singapore.

    It rocks!!!!!

    By the way.. i'm a huge fan of Star Wars 12" since the early 90s. Have all the released figures to-date except for the Lando Skiff wave.

    I collect mainly 12" and Unleashed... plus a few other collectibles.

    Enjoy some old pictures of my toy room and hope to make some overseas 12" collector thru this forum.

    My Star Wars 12"
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    you've got a very nice collection, anirbas12!

    i'm thinking of getting the 12 inch vintage figures as well, just to round out my 12 inch collection.

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    So the Leia/Speederbike is being made? Who's going to get it in the states? Another Target exculsive?
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    Yes, it is a Target exclusive. Arriving late summer or early fall. About $60.

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    Man, I'm out of the loop. Thanks OC, I'll have to stay on top of this so I don't miss them when they hit the shelves.
    "No one helped me so why should I help you?" - College professor circa 1999

    By choosing not to decide you still have made a choice.

    I'm in love with the women of Univision.

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    thanks derek for your compliments... u should get the vintage 12".... classic i must say

    will try to take some new shots of the 12" to share with all of you...
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    Yeah cool collection. I don't think I have really heard anyone in a long time say they only the collect 12" line. I have all of the Collectors series and Action Collection,including rare stuff like the Hong Konog 3 pack, FAO 2 packs and blue chest Snowtrooper. I only have one 12" figure from EP1 (Maul with Speeder) because I was so dissapointed in the film. I started up with the POTJ line and bought only Dooku and Zam from AOTC. I continue with the OT 12" figures, but will stay away from EP1 and EP2. The problem now is that Hasbro does not seem to care about the quality of the line. I mean I love my Gam Guard, but the paint job on the head is bad and it's not just mine, it's everyones. Anyways, I will pick up Leia with bike to go with the other 2.


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