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    I bought three of these at that price. I already had one from the $50 price but now I have these to open. Once I find a Single boxed Bikerscout, I'll give him his bike. I Already have an extra Luke. So, I'm going to have a huge diorama with the three spedderbikes Leia/Luke/Bikerscout. Now I just need to sell the two extra Leia's I have. I think I have one guy interested already. I'm selling those for just $6 each. CHEAP!

    I just couldn't pass up that price!

    Man, if only I could army build 12inch for those kind of markdowns, all the time...

    Ya hear me Tycho???
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    I got one today with that great price. The strange thing is, they are in the stock room. I had to ask for one. I wonder if someone was holding it in the back? So that makes 3. I bought one yearly on and then another when it was $35ish. I kind of want this one to customize.
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    I don't really collect any of the 12" line anymore but at this price I couldn't help but get one. She'll get along with my Luke and the two Biker Scouts that I've bought before.
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    Extra leias!!!

    Picked up a cheap leia bike in Norwalk today. Hadn't opened the full price one I bought a while back, so opened her today. I m alot more impressed than I thought. Taking off the Poncho and helmet it is a pretty decent General Leia figure. Her uniform is detailed great. I think I might try to repaint her eyes so they are not so "wide". That is what makes her look smiley. She could probably look a little more serious with good facial paint. The hair is nice too. This is what Padme should have been! Real body real hair. Has anyone tried to repaint her yet?

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    BF, my Leia has no problem with the hand grips & foot pedals, I threw out the rubber bands because they were causing her hands to get warped and she hangs onto this bike like a champ.

    I think I'm going to end up getting another one tomorrow for Luke, I'm hoping her helmet will fit on his melon, but either way, it'll have the poncho for him. I'll just use one of the extra 12" Luke Jedi figs I already have waiting for customizing.
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    JT, let me know if the Poncho fits. I bought an extra 1 or 2 speeder bikes to put Luke on one, and a Biker Scout on the other. I was thinking the same thing, about putting the extra Leia poncho over an extra Jedi Luke. I say I might have a 2nd extra speeder bike since I bought one for a fellow costuming club member, but it would cost almost $12 to ship it to him, and he hasn't got back to me yet on if he wants it.
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    Im happy to say I was able to snag one today at that price.

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    BF, I still haven't found another one yet, but I'm fairly sure that the hooded poncho on the back of the bike will fit Luke, it's similar but definitely not the same as the one on Leia.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "In Brooklyn, a castle, is where dwell I"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.


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