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    12" Leia Speederbike

    Well, according to TPU this might be Leia that we are getting with the speederbike come April. She's not fully dressed, and I can't make out the face all that well, but this will keep me content till I get the real thing.

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    Looks pretty good, Mini-Rock. Of course it's just being solicited from Diamond Comics in the UK for April. I'm betting it won't actually show up there or here until Fall, like pretty much all the exclusives typically do.

    I'll attach a picture here, for those of you that want to look at it here and discuss it in the same place. Instead of linking externally. We know how sometimes Hasbro makes sites pull pictures down, so it's for the best.

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    this leia prototype has GI Jane arms!!! has all our complaining finally paid off? could this be the end of barbie bodies in the female 12 inch line?

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    Maybe. Or maybe Hasbro needed her to be able to move/pose to be able to ride the speederbike.

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    knowing hasbro they could just mold her barbie arms in a one pose position so they could grip the speederbike handlebars.

    that boot in the photo looks huge. and i sure hope they use a smaller helmet. if they use the same one they used for luke, we've got a problem. it was way to big for luke and will be way to big for leia.

    if they make a new, smaller helmet, i may get two of these. one to display on the bike, and one to give leia's smaller helmet to luke and display leia in her "general" or whatever she was outfit.

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    Target exclusive or someone else? still has the Luke with bike still in stock. How about a rerelease of the Scout Trooper instead?
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    Yeah, it's a Target Exclusive again here in the states. Target has a lock on the SpeederBike stuff. There is a rumor there will be a non-exclusive release of the Biker Scout, but he won't come with the bike.

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    I guess all we need now is Ewok with Speederbike and were good.

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    A loose biker scout would be awesome! I wouldn't mind a little army of those on the shelf.
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    This is good news. I had began to think that this was another one of those Hasbro myths, and the figure was never going to be done. I can't wait to get one. I didn't have a problem getting the first two at Target, so I don't fear I will have to hunt for this either. I do agree with Derek, though. . . make the helmet smaller. It should be snug, not loose like Luke's was. Anyway. . . bring it on. . . woo HOO!

    Oh. . . mini-rock. . . you were probobly joking about the whole Ewok thing. . . but why not? If they were going to they could make it with Paploo riding the bike (he was the one to steal the speeder right?), and even pack in a second Ewok. . . perhaps Warok? That way they could actually justify still charging $49.99 for it, and we could get two Ewoks at once. Just a thought.
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