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    Hasbro, I just saw the pictures of the new Deluxe Super Battle Droid.. Why did you do that? You say it's for the kids? HA! That action feature you plopped in for the easy bake SBD torso is crap, you know once that 'Easy Steel' to mold the torso runs out that you'll have to buy another set to replace it, then another, then another, and all because they just wanted to use the Action Feature.

    Why did you do this?! The Deluxe 3PO set looks so cool as action feature loaded because you can choose what you want to put on the two droids, you SHOULD HAVE done the Super Battle Droid set like this so that there'd actually be fun to have with it.

    Don't even get me started on the DWARF Spider Droid. I jus thave to say this, cheap Hasbro, cheap. Get fans excited by calling it the Spider Droid which makes them think it's the bigger one (scaled down of course) when the Dwarf Spider Droid name is VERY well known.

    Even I, who am very completist, am thinking about not even getting these two sets!
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    You know, the thing about the Super Battle Droid is, if it were executed correctly, my kid would love to build his own SBD. But I know you, Hasbro, and less than 5 percent of these little "Action features" you put on toys even work right. So take note Hasbro:
    I'll be damned before I buy my kid another "action feature" toy that doesn't work and just ends up ****ing him and me both off.

    For all I know, the thing works great, but in the past, I've shelled out the money and been screwed, so I 'm not doing it anymore. This thing won't be missed from my display shelves anyway, so I have broken your completist crap toy hold over me. Ha!

    Plus, with your crappy distribution, half the country will be swimming in the extra little tubs of "goop" to build the SBD, and the other half won't be able to find them at all.

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    Wind up toys? WIND UP TOYS!!!!!? Are we living in the middle ages still or something? Great scott! These deluxe toys are bad bad bad. I thought you couldn't get any worse than lightsaber slashing actions but this just propels your toyline so far down into the creases and recesses of poopy junkdom tht i really cannot find adequate words bad enough to describe this unholy mockery you place before us. You seriously expect people to pay good money for this trash do you? Think again. No really - think again and come back when you've come to your senses and started making toys worth buying.

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    How hard will that baked crap be to get off the figure's base? What am I going to do once that crap gets on another figure and won't come off? I hate it - from the concept to the finished product hate it. My only hope is that the machine part fits in to the diorama base stared by 3PO and Padme, and that's thin hope to hang on a whole deluxe figure. The droid Ill wait and see about, but it's not an exciting premise. Why not make it a Spider-Droid Beyblade complete with ripcord? I know it crossed your mind - maybe later this year? PLEASE hire new people hasbro, the guy who's authorizing the creation of these toys in the first place needs to be replaced by someone who understands the long term effects of releasing **** like this. Damn.

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    I just looked at these to see what all the commotion was about, and I must agree. These two sets look a million times worse than Arena Padme! What are you thinking? Please remove your heads from your posteriors and listen to your fans before it's too late!
    This is beyond ridiculous!
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    Hey Hasbro!

    If everybody on EARTH stopped buying Star Wars action figures, all at the same time, How much money will you INSTANTLY lose?

    Obviously, you have calculated this consequence, because it's about to happen.

    After that happens, you will lose your Star Wars toy license, and a better toy manufacturer will gladly take it from you.

    After that, Lucas will file a $ 60 million dollar lawsuit on you for damaging the Star Wars brand's reputation.

    After that, the new manufacturer (which will be managed by actual Star Wars fans and collectors), will give us ALL the right stuff.

    In the end, we win, you lose.

    P.S. I take back all the good praise I've given you last week.
    "We shall double our efforts."

    Hasbro, you forgot a-boot us Canadians.


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    Hasbro has the license thru 2008, so even if you quit buying the stuff it's not going to stop them from holding the license and quit making stuff.

    While I agree that sometimes Hasbro can be hit and miss, they still do a pretty good job, most of the time. As for the action features everyone hates, almost every toy line has those now.

    So even if Hasbro lost them, it doesn't guarentee better quality toys or no action gimmicks. You can't please all the people all the time, no matter what company it is.

    Just buy what you like. If somthing comes out that is less then perfect in your eyes, skip it. Leave it for someone that actually wants it. But if your gonna buy it and complain anyway, well then you really only have yourself to blame.

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    I know Hasbro is more capable than anything, to create AMAZING figures that blow collectors away, for example, Ephant Mon, Trash Compactors, all the late POTJ waves, Supreme Chancellor Palpy, Clone Pilot, just to name a few, but this is too few and far between. When they do miss, they give us stuff that's really unconnected to the Star Wars toy theme. The introduction of action features is one issue, whether the action features work or not is another issue, but no matter how bad they were up until now, ALL of their figures appeal to me in a positive way. In other words, I'll pretty much "decide" to buy or not buy a figure based on the final rating I give it once it's in my hand in the store.

    But now, The deluxe SBD is not even open for debate. It HAS no rating. I won't buy that for sure. For something like this, you will call a "miss", But I call it "off the radar".

    Also, I only sound angry at Hasbro now because for the first time ever, they have truly shocked me.

    "We shall double our efforts."

    Hasbro, you forgot a-boot us Canadians.


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    I once took a crap in the woods.....and that was the crappiest thing I had ever seen.......until I saw the new Super Battle Droid Deluxe figure.

    It sure is Deluxe...........

    FOR ME TO POOP ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    "Roger Nasty Butler!"

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    No offense Hasbro, but these are not very good toys at all. I'm not a big fan of the Super Battle Droid so I will be passing on that set. The Spider Droid is waayyy to small. That is no match for the Clone Army at all!!!
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