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    Besides the toy sitiation at Wal Mart......

    What else bothers you about the company.

    Well one thing is that their big and tall selection is a JOKE!!!!!

    It seems like they use the exact same amount of material from a regular size shirt or pair of pants and take away in length or "roominess" to make the item wider but not deeper.
    So I basically am wearing a "BIG" man's version of hip huggers because I can't pull the jeans up far enough because their is no "extra balloony seat"- (The Simpsons). And the XXXL shirts come up to your armpits if you lift your arms above your head.
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    Your problem isn't Wal-Mart, it's the clothing companies. They don't really have half a clue how to make clothes for big and tall people. You need to buy big and tall clothes, from a store more dedicated to big and tall clothing. Most of your general merchandise stores, don't really carry decent big and tall stuff. Try, they have a excellent big and tall section.

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    I'm going to get slapped around for being a leftist pinko on this, but I don't care.

    Wal-Mart is one of the most successful companies in America. It has succeeded in bringing profits and dividends to its investors, value to its customers, and selection to po-dunk towns in the middle of nowhere.

    Why can it only afford to pay its employees labor wages that will not support but the most meager adult existence?

    Of course, I am a total hypocrite on this one... I go to Wal-Mart on regular basis! But you asked...
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    I hate their music selection. There, I said what we were all thinking.
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    I hate their edited CDs . . .

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    That's what I mean about the selection. I bought Garage Inc. from them only to find So What filled with bleep after bleep. I wish I knew about that practice. Then again, my brother buys a Godsmack album from them, and he gets it unedited. Inconsistent, stupid practice.
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    i agree with what Jon9000 said and wish they would open up all those checkout lanes.

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    I'm not saying that they don't have the right to sell edited discs, but it should be more clearly marked (I noticed that the price stickers sometimes had "edited" marked on them).

    Anyway, they sell R-rated DVDs with plenty of profanity, yet they refuse to sell CDs with the same content ?


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    Yeah, but the ratings on movies specifically point to the fact that movie contains stuff that shouldn't be seen by kids. And the fact that Wal-Mart cards for R rated movie purchases. Especially how the new ratings go, where they have to actually say why it recieved that rating on the movie case. If music had an actual rating system, there wouldn't be as much trouble.

    But I hate censorship. I may not like music, but noone has a right to censor someones work. Especially since the only reason it's done, is because they don't like what's contained on it. If Wal-Mart doesn't like the lyrics, then don't carry that music. Not sell an edited version, just so you can earn a few bucks. That's just greedy.

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    If you hate the selection at Wal-Mart as I do, try these places....

    Most big chains like Wal-Mart who make big and tall clothes, do not take into account that the dimensions are not the same as they would be normally. They just incrementally increase the size, without thinking about body type.

    But at least the clothes are in the carpeted area, where the crazy guy with the floor buffer and mop isn't chasing you!
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