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    Unhappy please help hasbro

    hi please can u shed some light or explain what the episode 1 commtech mas amedda is or what it was made for ( promo, prototype,etc) where i can buy one and how much it would be worth?
    thanks in advance

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    None of the unproduced chips, ever saw retail shelves. Most of the ones that exist on the secondary market are mock-ups, prototypes, and even some finished production samples. Of course like anything, some of these unreleased chips made their way out into the collecting community.

    Your probably going to end up paying quite a bit, if you can even find someone selling a chip. Since people don't really have an exact ideas how many are out there for each chip. I know I have seen auctions for them in the past.

    Here is an excellent site, that lists all the unproduced chips. It also has pictures of the samples that exist. It should help you some in trying to find out more info. If the chips would have worked better, maybe they would still be making them. About the only thing they were good for, was stands.

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    Wink thanks i have one

    thanks for your reply its just that i have one and its carded when i tell people this this they say its worth 50-100 and they want to buy it but if i say i want to buy one they say they are much more expensive i cant post a picture as its just under 500000 bytes(high res) thanks again

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    If you have one I would not sell it for that much. It is worth way more than that and if I was intersted offer you more. Those people are liars. Those chips are very rare and worth a lot.
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    Wink thanks

    thank u i thought there might be some value to it as i have found it very hard to find any info about it i do have one and was tempted to sell it but as i found it so hard to find info about it and people saying it doesnt exist i thought it must be very rare so i decided to keep it with my commtech collection once again thanks for an honest answer


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