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    Knights of the Old Republic

    Who's been following this game? It looks like a lot of fun, and will be interesting to see how well Star Wars will play out in RPG form. Has anyone seen the trailer? The lightsaber duels look so unbelieveably fluid, and blow Jedi Outcast right outta the water.

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    I for one can't wait for this one, though almost every LucasArts game since Tie Fighter has let me down.

    This could be the one that really redeems them in my eyes. It looks unbeleivable! Now I need to make the critical decision, buy an XBOX (I'm a PS2 guy), or hold out for the PC version.
    Decisions, decisions!

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    Well, it totally depends. The Xbox version would probably be easier, since it uses a gamepad and therefore couldn't have all the cumbersome controls of a PC RPG.
    Plus, the Xbox version is coming out a season earlier.
    But if you think your PC could handle the game, it may be worth waiting for, especially if most of your other Star Wars games are on the PC as well.
    It's all a matter of preference.
    They are shooting for system requirements of a 733 MHz processor, 256MB RAM, 32MB video card, and about 1 GB of hard drive space. So get it for Xbox unless your PC will be able to handle it.
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