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    If you only had ONE AF or MM vehicle to represent Star Wars, what would it be?

    Perhaps not the coolest vehicle like the Slave 1 or the TIE Bomber, but the vehicle that is the best representation of the first three films (ANH - ROTJ). As though Galoob only did ONE vehicle for the entire trilogy.

    Anyway, I was wondering what you guys thought...


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    Without any doubt, the vessel wich represents the most the StarWars Saga is the X-Wing fighter.
    It's the hero ship, we can see it in every movie of the original trilogy (as a real part of the story in itself). It's also R2D2's ship (wich is the most known Robot in the galaxy for the fans and the non starwars fans all around the world). This is the ship wich destroyed the Death Star, a mythical fighter.
    When I talked to friends or other people about starwars they often says 'Aoh ! yes, the movie with the curious "X" looking starfighters...".

    In second place I would say : The Tie fighter.
    In third place : The Millenium Falcon.
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    I think the Millennium Falcon is the best pick to represent the original trilogy. It's probably the most recognized ship, next to the U.S.S. Enterprise. And if not the Falcon then I'd pick the Death Star. Some casual Sci-Fi fans, who aren't that familiar with the SW Trilogy might mistake the X-Wing for one of those Starfury fighters from Babylon 5. And if not the Starfury the Thunderbolt, also from B5, really looked like the X-Wing. The only difference was the Thunderbolts wing didn't close.
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    good quextion

    prolly the star destroyer. it's the 1st ship that we are awed by in anh. it's presence throughout the original trilogy is always felt with a sense of forboding doom.

    the star destroyer is all the power and evil of the empire rolled up into a an awsome icon!

    (imho of course )
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    x-wing is my vote
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    I was never really thrilled with the AF versions of the X-wing or Millennium Falcon, though those are both iconic representations of Star Wars, they're good but not fantastic or terribly accurate. However, they do fit the bill for what I'd choose to represent, along with the Snowspeeder, AT-AT, and Imperial Star Destroyer.

    Ultimately, I'm going with the Falcon ever so slightly over the X-wing. The Falcon represents what Star Wars is about in so many ways, it's tough but not pretty, it's never clean or in perfect working order, and it's major claim to fame (kessel run in 12 parsecs) doesn't make scientific sense but sounds cool.
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    I'm with the X-Wing, was the ship I always picked when I was a kid, no matter the mission, I always wanted to be in an X-Wing. The F14 Tomcat of star wars [smile]

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    X-wing, of course. How could it be anything else? MF? SD? pshyeah.

    Xwing all the way baby!


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    star destroyer pshyeah?

    honey, to me, the sd is star wars!

    plus the mm star destroyer playset (action fleet sized i might add)(along the same lines as the rebel transport playset) is sooo cool to play with. i love the grappling hook crane with which to lower the tantive IV with through the sliding door docking port. a very nice stand in for the action fleet sd we'se never gonna git.
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    Err, SCOUSELAND, like, laa
    It has to be the just sums up Star Wars.

    An absolute bucket of bolts that has NO CHANCE of winning..........but plays its part in destroying not 1, but 2, yeah 2, Death Stars.

    This ships blows the Empire apart.

    it is NOT the most aesthetically pleasing SW ship, but boy, does it kick a........, erm, bottom.




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