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    It does sound too good to be true.. So it proabaly is. Or maybe it's just a Broadband ready PC with all the gameZ and emulators pre-installed and configured

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    Originally posted by Lord_Malakite
    It was. Phillips and Sony were working with Nintendo on the CD add-on system for the SNES to counter the Sega CD add-on for the Sega Genesis. After having multiple problems with both Sony and Phillips, in addition to seeing how poorly the Sega CD did on the market, Nintendo called the deal off. Sony and Phillips then took the designs and made their own systems with them. Phillips' system was the CD-i (which failed miserably) and Sony's system was the PlayStation.
    Wow if only................
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    So, the X Box is actually ahead of the Gamecube now?

    My question is, not owning either system, which does everyone feel is better, on a strictly gameplay basis. I have a dvd player and all that jazz, I'm looking for good, hardcore gaming action.

    So, what dost ye think?

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    Xbox rules! Actually I don't have a gamecube, so I can't make a fair comparison. I do have a PS2, and like my Xbox better. If you like playing games online- Xbox is the hands down choice. Xbox live is a huge hit- better than expected with over 250,000 stroung already.

    This has been a big discussion before, and you should chekc out this thread-

    See ya on Xbox live. Or make that TALK to you on Xbox live


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    I wouldn't recommend the GameCube unless you are really into their exclusive stuff (Mario, Zelda, Res Evil, etc.) Other than that, the other systems offer all of what Nintendo has got.
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    I sent these guy's an e-mail a few days ago and I got a reply today. I'm not sure what to make of this letter, but I will post it in it's entirety with nothing edited.

    We appreciate the comments and suggestions; we have received 1000's of e-mail and are working to
    address all the inbound questions. We will use this information to help guide the development process
    while we work towards our December launch. Please reply if you would like to be included to be a
    beta tester for our new system in the upcoming months, and we will contact you if we feel your one of
    the best candidates. Thanks again, and keep yours eyes on us... Infinium Labs Corporation

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Brian Jones []
    Sent: Thu 1/23/2003 8:25 PM
    To: Infinium Labs PR
    Subject: The Phantom

    Dear Infinium Labs:

    I am an avid gamer and I was currently reading my favorite video game site ( and I noticed a story about your system in development, The Phantom. The story interested me and I read about it more in depth on your web site. While I must say I am impressed by what your details for the machine are, I noticed one thing that caught my eye. The detail in question is this: Cross Platform capabilities. I was not sure by what this detail meant, so I thought the best thing to do would be to ask the company. By cross platform, do you mean this system will play the current games for the consoles Playstation 2, GameCube, and X-BOX? That is my question and I thank you for considering this letter from your possible future customer.

    Thank you for your time.

    Brian Jones

    Tee hee, I decided to play along with them and sent a reply saying I sure would love to beta test for them. More as it becomes available.
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    Well, Infinium labs had a big press confrence about this thing. And the information is truely shocking. I see this thing bombing faster then the Neo Geo if all the info is true. This is a repost of a post by Bishop, an admin over at 'The Asylum' horror board I frequent. Fear the future.
    Phantom video game console: All secrets revealed!
    Not in a photo, sadly, but in a press conference. The news from the press conference, however, is shocking.

    Yes, Infinium Labs brought along an actual Phantom console. Only a beta version. Yes, it looked exactly like the one on the official web site... even with the glowing blue logo when powered on.

    However, here's where things get shocking...

    Infinium Labs advertises the system as "The next generation in interactive gaming" AND "The missing link in Digital Rights Management." How?

    1) You can't buy the system or any of its games in stores. A few select stores will allow you to order the Phantom in-store. It will later be delivered to your house. For most people, only ordering the system and its games online will be allowed. Oh, and you'll never be able to hold any games in your hand... there are no concrete games...

    2) ...because there's no input anywhere. No CD/DVD drives, no cartridge slots, not even a place for memory cards. All content is delivered online, via the mighty power of it's "always switched on" broadband 'net connection. Games can be downloaded as trial demos, rented, or outright purchased. In the case of demos or rentals, you are required to be connected to the internet constantly while you play! According to Infinium, the upside of this is that they won't have to pay for any packaging or shelf space in stores. But one attendee asked if these savings would pass down to the consumer -- considering the "3 to 5 dollars" per game packaging costs and the ten to twenty dollars spent paying the store would be saved, games could be offered to a user at a lower price. Well, NO. They'll cost JUST AS MUCH as in-store games. Infinium fears that charging far less will lead to "games that cannibalize themselves." Um, yes, don't you want the games on your system to far outsell those of others? Morons.

    3) Price? Release date? Sooner than you think and more expensive than you will anticipate. As far as a release schedule went, "Rob," the large Italian representative of Infinium, said that the console would enter beta production in November, be tested throughout December-January, and be ready, tentatively, for a Q1 2004 release around April or so! As for price point, Rob said they would like to launch at $299, and that they were almost there hardware wise. The monthly subscription (required to play games) will be set at $9.95. Rob did point out that although there was no way for the company to make money on hardware, they weren't going to sell it at a loss either. Which literally means that if they ever drop from the $300 price tag, they're going to LOSE MONEY. Amazing.

    4) The specs on the system itself are FAR LESS than initially advertised. We all knew it was impossible to deliver what they promised... and we were right. They listed a 1.8Ghz Pentium 4 processor, 256mb of RAM (didn't mention what type) which could be upgraded to 512 or a full gig. An 80 gigabyte "storage device"-- no further specs than that were given. Rob said that they could potentially upgrade since this is still a beta.

    5) The system cannot be opened up... EVER. If the case is ever opened, the system detects the intrusion and goes into a security lockdown, so that your system is untouchable and unupgradable. Any adjustments or upgrades must be done by sending your system, boxed up, back to Infinum Labs and then waiting for it to return to your home.

    6) The first games lined up for the system are ports of a number of recent PC games. This is basically some kind of subscription PC gaming system.

    Final Q&A Session/Demo Session(?):

    After the power point presentation, Rob opened the floor to a Q and A session. It was, at times, rather ackward. While constantly pleasant, Rob dodged and danced around a number of questions, reiterating what he had covered in the power point when he could, quickly looking for a new question when he couldn't. That's a shame too, because by this point he really had the ear of the crowd, and even though the details in the presentation were sparse it seemed like everyone was willing to give him a fair shake. The questions were sometimes critical but given that this was the first open Q&A session for the console, this was expected. However, his answers were sometimes circular, sometimes all together off topic. Some questions were answered by Tim (the CEO) but it always seemed that when he got to the "good stuff" in the answers, Rob would cut him off or ask for the next question.

    For example, one critical attendee asked him about release schedules and how they'd work for indie developers who didn't have to work via a publisher. He began with, "Publishers are notorious for shipping games early to get the cash in and force players to beta test."

    Rob quickly answered that "We wouldn't stand for such a thing," but the questioner continued, and when he mentioned that games would be brought to the Phantom in a "publisher-less environment", Rob interrupted and said that "publishers can't be ignored, and we always have to work within the publisher's demands."

    The Q&A session went on for about half an hour, and the mood of the audience began to dim. One of the last questions asked was rather direct and perhaps aimed a bit low. "So, I have all my consoles at home, and I have a very powerful PC that plays lots of games and can be upgraded simply by installing new hardware myself. Why would I want to buy a Phantom?"

    Rob's answer? "Well then you aren't really part of the Phantom's core user base."

    That got some chuckles from the crowd, sure. But it was Rob's next statement that had the real impact. "See, you people say you have enough consoles, and a powerful PC, but whenever a new console comes out, you people always buy it."

    Finally, The Demo...

    After the Q&A session... the meeting ended. Over. Without a demo of the Phantom, not even the operating system. For all we know, the box on display with the bright blue light could have been nothing more than casing and a bright blue bulb. Earlier in the session Rob mentioned that the system's UI was "under construction" and all they had at the time were placeholder .jpegs. To not show the OS in this condition is somewhat understandable, for no doubt as soon as the pixels hit the large projection screen in the front of the room the cameras would go a-snappin'. But to leave the meeting hall without so much as a Phantom boot-up screen?

    The Phantom reps never mentioned any game publishers/third-party publishers that are going to support them. They never mentioned any game titles by name. They really do seem to just believe that gamers will buy the system because it's something cool and new.

    People, I feel like, after this info... they're going to be sorely disappointed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JarJarBinks
    Well, Infinium labs had a big press confrence about this thing. And the information is truely shocking. I see this thing bombing faster then the Neo Geo if all the info is true. This is a repost of a post by Bishop, an admin over at 'The Asylum' horror board I frequent. Fear the future.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks
    Just beat me JJB. I just found a similar article on the issue and was going to post it right before finding that you posted this.
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    Wow, that really is going to bomb
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    BTW, I have a Neo Geo, it's a great system, and even though SNK doesn't produce it anymore (I'm not sure they even exist anymore), there are still 3rd-party publishers making games for it because it is that good. Even though it didn't have a massive market takeover, it still holds a spot as true arcade-quality gaming at home that no other console has really ever touched on a consistant level.
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