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    New Challenger enters the Console Wars

    Thats right, another system is entering the Console Wars.

    Tampa Bay-based Infinium Labs announced yesterday that it will release its Phantom game console in North America by November this year. According to the press release, the new console will outperform all of those currently on the market and will be easy for children to use despite being so advanced that it will exceed the needs of hard-core gamers.
    Although it has not actually been confirmed, the fact that Infinium has stated that more than 33,000 games are already available for the console suggests that the Phantom will be able to play games designed for the PC and, perhaps, for certain game consoles. No specifications for the machine have been released at this time, but Infinium describes it as an "always on broadband device," and listed among its key features are:

    Cross platform capabilities
    Online connectivity for multiplayer gaming
    Seamless upgrades and patch management
    Demo games before purchasing or subscribing
    Games on demand
    Game rentals

    Infinium Labs has stated that it hopes to unveil the Phantom console sometime in March, perhaps at this year's Game Developers Conference in San Jose.
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