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    Just saw "Following"

    Mrs. JediCole and I were scrambling to catch up on our overdue rented videos and finally watched the DVD of "Following"! Wow!

    This film by the director of "Memento" (which we saw in the theatre and loved) is incredible! Like "Memento", "Following" is told out of sequence. This is highly effective given the myriad twists of the plot. I don't want to say too much for those who may wish to see this film, instead I will say that it is highly recommended.

    Though it is a little slow at first but soon picks up momentum. The out of sequence format means that it seems to drag at times, but the reality is that if you are a keen observer you can begin to put the pieces together in retrospect. This is not to say that the puzzle is obvious. Every time you think you have pieced it all together, some new element is introduced in such a way that you have to rethink other elements.

    Has anyone else seen this great film? Or if you haven't but decide to check it out, pipe in here.
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    Thumbs up why of Course i've seen it. . .

    . . .didn't you see?


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