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    Lost (now with DVD announcement!)

    Hey, who else caught the pilot last week for "Lost" on Wednesday on ABC? I thought it was a good episode, good to see Matthew Fox (Party of Five) and Dominic Monaghan (The Lord of the Rings) in a new gig. The second half of the pilot airs tonight!

    Anybody else?
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    Re: Lost

    I saw it. It was interesting. I want to see this monster thingy, it sounds and looks like a T REX or something. LOL maybe "LOST" is really the new Jurassic Park: The series!!! BIg monsters eating people on an island...who knows. I will watch tonight cuz its been on my mind since last week, that is what the heck this monster thingy is.
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    Re: Lost

    I'm really loving this show. Of course, some of it seems a bit overblown and slightly melodramatic in terms of character motivations and the like, but it's all good fun. Both episodes so far have left me seriously longing to see where the story goes next! A fascinating, thoroughly engrossing, if slightly guilty pleasure of a show.

    I already have some theories about what we may see next if anyone's interested. I'm seriously leaning towards some kind of time trip having been responsible for the plane crash. I'm thinking these folks are not only lost in location, but also in time. At first I was thinking dinosaurs, but after having seen the polar bear I'm thinking they've not gone back quite that far and might actually have been sent back to the last ice age. I'm thinking that the colder climate of an ice age might explain why a polar bear might be found in the tropics where the survivors appear to be; what with animals having migrated farther south and all. I'm sure someone a little more science-savy might be able to explain away that theory, but only if the animal was indeed a polar bear. I'm thinking it might actually have been some sort of prehistoric (and more warm weather tolerant) cave bear. I'm almost willing to bet that there are plenty more types of ice age mega-fauna in them there trees. An ice age could also explain the "day into night, end of the world type weather". This theory might also explain why they couldn't get a signal on the transceiver. Granted, they did finally pick up the signal from the french woman from sixteen years earlier, but that could also mean that this was not the first time someone had fallen through that particular time-warp. Could also mean that they've been thrown forward in time to the next ice age.
    I'm hooked and more than ready for the next episode!

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    Re: Lost

    This show does seems pretty sweet so far. I hope that time travel doesn't come into it though. Anything but time travel. That whole topic seems too phoney for me. I love wednesday nights now. Lost and Smallville. To think that last year wednesday was the most crappy night for TV......
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    Re: Lost

    I really like this show too, and am glad it's doing well in the ratings. Otherwise, this is the type of show I watch and get all excited about, then they cancel it without ever resolving the storyline. Well, at least it's not on FOX so it might have a chance.

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    Re: Lost

    I LOVE this show!!! At first I was thinking that it was going to be like Jurassic Park, but when that polar bear showed up last week that totally hooked me. And little Merry as a drug addict?! Fantastic. (I always thought that Longbottom Leaf was addictive!)

    My only concern, is how long can the show last? I mean, after a season or two, everybody should either be dead or the mystery of the island would have to be revealed, wouldn't it? As long as it lasts long enough to resolve the plot I'll be happy!

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    Re: Lost

    I suppose it depends on how many secrets that island holds.

    Last night's episode was awesome though. I was a bit surprised to see that it was not the episode that was promoted at the end of last weeks show (the one with the knife hunting). Wonder why? I did want to punch Dr. Jack in the face when Kate decided she wanted to tell him her story and he told her he doesn't want to know! What a maroon! Not only that, but if she ever does tell anyone her story we wont even know if it's the truth since the only person who could confirm it is dead. Hmm, on second thought that could be pretty interesting constantly having to second guess her motivations. I also really enjoyed how Locke carved the dog whistle to get Walt's dog to come back and then lets the father make it look like he's the one who found the doggie. I'm really beginning to like Locke, he seems like an great character. I just hope he doesn't die knife fighting polar bears in the next episode!

    My brother, who also loves the show, somehow managed to miss last nights episode, but he came up with a hilarious theory when I described the preview for next weeks show to him. I mentioned to him about the scene of the mysterious man in the suit standing at the end of the beach who disappears into the jungle. First thing that popped into his head was that the guy must be the producer/director/host of some kind of twisted reality show that none of the survivors seem to know about! Now that'd be the real Survivor! Of course, that got me thinking - what if it turns out the situation really is some kind of reality show where after everyone signed the contracts, they were all implanted with memories of the crash while the truth was wiped from their minds, and then they were deposited amongst the wreckage where they then woke up as unknowing contestants? Wacky! Of course, that'd mean the doctor just killed someone on live television; unless...he's the only one who's in on the secret as a way to eliminate contestants! I should state for the record that I don't really believe this, but it's pretty cool anyway. Guess we'll just have to wait and see!

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    Re: Lost

    I'm really enjoying this show as well, actually come to think of it this is the only new series I've committed to watching so far this season. I wish more television series would take advantage of the weekly episode format to tell one cohesive story instead of the 1 hour tie everything up in one or 2 episodes format which seems to be so popular in the overabundance of crime drama shows today. I think thats why I find myself enjoying shows like LOST, Alias and 24 more than anything else on tv. These shows are actually about the characters and how they develop in an extreme situation(s) rather than just the story of the week occupied by the same cardboard characters.

    I could be wrong with this prediction but I keep getting the feeling that this island is inhabited by some sort of recluse who collects or breeds exotic animals. I don't think the bear is what tore the pilot from the wrecked cockpit but something else we haven't seen yet, maybe some sort of wild ape or something. Either way this show has definitely got me hooked and I can't wait to see how it plays out.

    Oh yeah BTW, how hot is Kate. . .wow!
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    Re: Lost

    Hey that's a pretty cool theory also! That's what I love about this show, it constantly keeps you guessing. Every new scene causes me to have to completely rethink my theory about what's actually going on!
    Good point about that crime show thing, too! It always amazes how all of them have the police solving every crime that comes along and having everything tied up in a nice little package by the end of the show. Are these guys on these shows some kind of supercops that can never leave a case unsolved (in real life some cases are under investingation for weeks, months, even years, and others still are never solved at all!) Why does it seem that there are never any other crimes that occur while another case is still being investigated? If a seperate murder occurs while the cops are busy with the first, do the next set of bodies have to stay in place until the first case is solved and the authorities can move on to the next? If so, then for how long, and what if they get backlogged? It'd be really refreshing to see some of these crime shows take on a more serialized style of storytelling like Lost.

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    Re: Lost

    Tonights episode was great! I love the development of John Locke, what a great twist when they showed Locke as being wheel chair bound! When the Guide talked about his dissability I was like "What are you talking about?" Great story!
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