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    Angry XBOX Lying propaganda!!!!!!

    I saw a pamphlet booklet that compared the 3 systems XBOX, PS2, and GAME CUBE. On the line that says HDTV compatability,
    it lists GC as N/A!!!!!!! (non applicable).


    It has a special port for the cable. I have the cable.

    And I have a game ROBOTECH that has progressive scan and it says specifically in the booklet that it is used on EDTV and HDTVs!!!!!!

    How dare they downgrade my favorite system.

    Who knows what else is incorrect on that pamphlet!!!!

    Does the PS2 have progressive scan capabilities??
    Because it said it did not.
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    Well, it's a poorly worded half truth. The Xbox supports 480p,720p, and 1080i output depending on game. There's no games out that support the 1080I feature though. Wel, as far as I know anyways.

    The Gamecube uses 480P (IDTV not HDTV). Which is what most Xbox games use as well. In that pamphlet they just twisted it so it sounds way better than it actually is. The PS2 is not HD but it does however have the component outs which can be used to slightly increase the picture.


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