This is gonna contain some spoilers highlighting the Metroid games, so if you haven't played all of the games and don't want them ruined, it may be best to leave.

Well, it was only a matter of time before Nintendo realized they had some money making properties out there and now is a good time to exploit them. With that being said, Retro Studios has been given the orders to create another Metroid game. I'm cool with that, seeing how much I loved all of the Metroid games. Then I thought, "Is it possible to even call this a metroid game?" I mean, after I finished Metroid Fusion, I was under the assumption that the Metroids had all gone extinct. Then I thought, well maybe the end of Metroid Prime means something since we see something that resembles Samus coming out of a pile of phazon at the end of the game.

Maybe that's what this next game would deal with, but if that is what it deals with having Samus battle it out with the phazon again, well that only makes me think of Metroid Fusion and the battle she had with the SA-X copy of her. It would seem to similar to it for it to work for me. I'm sure the people involved in this game will find a way to explain the appearance of the Metroid again, somehow. It's not that I don't want them to make this's just I feel the series is being stuffed too quickly. With that being said, I just want to challenge Retro Studios and Nintendo to prove me wrong like they've done so many times before.