Someone picked this set up for me yesterday and I threw it together in the course of 20 minutes. The vehicle is one of the strangest builds I've ever gotten from Lego, but ultimately it comes together as intended. It's hardly accurate, and for a while I didn't see any way to get the figure inside but low and behold, there is definitely a way. The cup-and-ball pieces for the tail and gun are really more for aesthetic reasons than for functional ones, but the positionable gun is cool none the less... I wish there was this much range of motion on the Republic Gunship's cannons really. The colors seem accurate enough, but I can't say I'm thrilled with them.

I really like the large cannon thing that is also in this set, the rotation and elevation of the cannon is fun and the positionable gunner's platform that rotates with it is a simple but vital element.

The reddish battle droid figures are old hat, but the Geonosian minifigures are not bad. Only 1 has wings, but the wing cape is pretty nifty even though it won't fold down around the shoulders. The figures lack the spindliness of the movie versions though, I am considering swapping out some Martian legs for these guys if I can figure out a way that's not too hideous.

All in all, this set felt more like $16 than $20, but makes a good counterpoint to the Republic Gunship.