Last night , my wife was watching the movie V on MoviePlex(?). It was a flash back of some childhood memories. I used to think it was a fun space show, but now as I watched it I realised it was both cheesy and x-files-like dark. Maybe they "dumbed down" the Movie for the TV show. Anyway, It was rather interesting to watch early 1980's Sci-Fi. There were scenes of the various cities with a huge flying saucer hovering over them. (Like in Independence Day). the kids had Star Wars-like Action Figures, and Toys of the aliens in their red outfits.

The funniest, or worst, moment in the movie was then the aliens first landed at the air force base, there was a high school band playing (VERY BADLY) the Star Wars theme for the aliens as they arrived. I both cringed and laughed when I heard that.

Anyone else remember this show?