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    Carded Barriss Offee, Aayla Secura, and Lama Su Pics!

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    I had no idea that Aylaa and Barris were going to be so articulated. Can't wait for these things to hit Toronto....which sucks...because I am going to have to wait a LONG while for these things to, erm, hit toronto.....

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    Aayla looks great in the pose on the back of the Lama Su card. I dig that pose. The other poses they show her in (like the Karate Kid "Crane Kick Pose") suck.


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    Those look great, I think that Aayla Secura looks so much better carded than the earlier photos.
    I think that when you see more detailed photos of the figures they look tons better than when you see them on Hasbro's website.
    I mean, when I first saw Darth Tyranus - Geonosian Escape, I thought that it looked terrible, now I actually think it'll be the best Dooku!
    As far as Bariss Offee.. I think I'll have to buy Luminara Unduli to go with her, they're both very cool.
    I know I always ask this question.... but where is Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight?!?!?! And I wanna see the Darth Vader from Return of the Jedi too!

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    Very very nice pictures!!! Thanks for posting them!
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    Looks great in the package and I'm sure that's the only way they look grood.
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    Originally posted by turbowars
    Looks great in the package and I'm sure that's the only way they look grood.
    Never! They should be free from their plastic prisons!

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    Aayla - Not bad, I dunno, just something about her feels out of proportion or something.

    Bariss - Is she a Sith or is suffering from Eeth Kothism? Screaming face sucks, glad she can hold her saber with two-hands but it should be in front of her and not over her head.

    Lama Su & Kid - Sweet! Kid still could've used a console though...
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    Re: Carded Barriss Offee, Aayla Secura, and Lama Su Pics!

    Originally posted by Battle Droid
    How come the link mutated? Now I can't see.
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    Hasbro, you forgot a-boot us Canadians.


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    Yeah, what's happened?
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