Well lately there have been alot of rumors about Nintendo leaving the Hardware market and going the way of Sega by producing only software for other platforms.

Many game developers have been canceling titles on the system as of late in favor of PS-2 or X-BOX versions. The fact that Nintendo decided to let Microsoft purchase the software developer RARE instead of purchasing it themselves lends legitamacy to this rumor. The GC might go the way of the Dreamcast or it could become like the N-64 and have only a few releases a year. I know I'm in the minority owning all 3 current systems so this doesn't really bother me. I already wait to see if the game will be offered on other systems and will usually buy the X-box version above all others. Since I've been burned by other consoles before like the 3DO, The Jaguar, Sega CD, and the "I can't believe I bought that" 32X add on for the Genesis I bought my GC fully aware of this possibility. With the exception of just a few titles like Eternal Darkness and SW Bounty Hunter my game library on the GC consists of all Nintendo published games. In fact it really doesn't bother me a bit if the big N decides to give us only in-house games of such quality as Mario Sunshine, Metroid Fusion, and Zelda.

I'm just wondering how many people would still consider buying a GC knowing this could be a future possibility?