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    Unhappy No AOTC audio tape/CD?

    "I have all your albums." This used to be a standard line given when you met a famous singer/group. Now, it's replaced by "I have all your CDs, even the singles and compilation sets," or "I have downloaded all your MP3s."
    Anyway, I have just recently noticed that (unless I missed it) there was no book-on-tape of the movie. It's for kids, but there was one for TPM. Holes in my collection stink! Where's the not-in-the-film actors reading the lines? Where's the great R2-D2 bleeps to turn the page? Where's the editing out any violent or "unnecessary" parts?

    What else should have been made, but didn't?
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    It looks like the closest thing is the Jane Mason storybook.

    I find it odd that they didn't do a kid's book-on-tape . . . they did the Unabridged audio of the AOTC novelization, which is for adults - but I'd think the market would be there for kids too.
    They did plenty of other children's titles, like the sticker book and a few "EU" style adventures . . . so I'm intrigued by the audiobook's absence.


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