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    Can someone please explain again why...

    Lego doesn't release those little boxes of five or six figures and their weapons/accessories? That would be sooo welcomed to those of us who want a clone army. Or at least give us more than four troopers to a set.

    I mean, the AT-TE is a perfect example of this: the trooper hold can carry four clones into battle. The set comes with four troops. Sounds fine, but WHO'S DRIVING THE FREAKING THING? And the Gunship needs its four troops to pilot and man the guns, so none of them can hitch a ride on the ol' walker.

    Where was I? Oh, yeah...we need more clones! And cheap!

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    Because Hasbro is very anal about others moving in on the action figure thing. You see the figures right now are basically just accessories to the overall set, whereas if they had their own figure set then they'd be considered just plain action figures.

    It's a pretty sad ordeal, considering Hasbro can move in on other areas that people are covering like Attakus has been covering some statues, but Hasbro released the statued Unleashed line.
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    That sounds terrible, I was hoping that Lego would come out with packs of 10 Stormtroopers, or 10 speeder bike pilots, 10 TIE fighter pilots, or Clone troopers. It gets agonizing seeing these beautiful lego starships and sets, but not enough lego armies to make them look like the displays they had at CII.
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    If Lego can't produce those little boxes 'o' figures, then why don't they do what they're doing with some Harry Potter sets--two figures and a little accessory or something. That would be a great way to release color-coded commander and captain clones.

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    they do, they're called final duel I & II
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    And the Jedi Duel 1 & 2, and the 2 smaller Jabba's palace add-ons (the door and frozen Han), and the Ewoks, and speederbike set, and the Tusken Raider set.

    But I see what DB is getting at, the SW sets like that are a little more expensive and have bigger accessories, other lines can get away with the $2.99 sets. I have a feeling this too is because of the Hasbro/LFL/Lego licensing situation.
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    Come to think of it its been a while since Lego has released any mini-figure sets.

    ps The 30 figure town set doesn't count.
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    Yes, but if you buy things like the sets Jedi duel 1 & 2, then you'll end up with a bunch of Lukes, a bunch of Vaders just to get the amount of Troopers that you may want. Sure you could combine lego bricks from the actual sets to build bigger sets, but if all you want is extra troopers or Imperial officers then your wasting your money. I did like the mini sets they made a couple years back with the cardboard background with sets of three different Star Wars characters.
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    A "troop builder" set would be very nice. I agree that lego should give us better access to the figures, without the primary characters, to continue to build armies.

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    LEGO could offer the "generic" mini-figs (i.e. stormtroopers, imperial/rebel pilots and officers, gamoreans, ewoks, etc) in bulk via direct order like they now do with other bricks and elements.

    But this would hurt their set sales, which is the only way consumers can currently get these figs.
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