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    Actually, considering that Lego make minifigs which technically constitute action figures, You'll find that Lego ask their consumer base about 'specials' they want making. It's acctually not the same because it's more about getting old stuff re-released but in essense it amounts to the same with the public voting on several choices. Lego has more of a solid interaction with consumers and they certainly have a better respect for consumers. They're currently branching out into real world reatail stores and plan on shaping the stores around consumers rather than forcing consumers to bend around them.
    The fans choice polls are totally useless. All these choices and all these votes, if people can be bothered to vote at all then it says there's interest in all the choices so they should just stop the shenanigans and make all the choices irrespective of polls and just can the voting process. Half the losers are being made anyway so it's all totally pointless and to say it's fun is silly. I'd far rather they put up a poll to ask what not to make. Whether we actually want our figures with action features or not, whether we prefer preposed or articulated figures. That would be constructive polling not this idiotic charade that passes for the fan's choice now.

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    I think JarJarBinks & jedi master sal summed up my feelings perfectly. I definitely won't be buying a sketchtrooper (but I wouldn't throw it away or trade it if I won one from one of these sites. I still can't believe Rieken didn't win. I would have even been very happy with the Imperial Dignitary, but I'm still in therepy & anger managment classes after the result of that poll. I was thrilled with the Duro, Amanaman, & Ephant Mon (now if I can just find one). There are still several other losing entries I would love to see made (especially Yarael Poof) besides of course, Rieekan & the Dignitary.
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    Originally posted by JarJarBinks
    If Hasbro wanted an obscure StormTrooper in the poll, they should have put the Imperial SpaceTrooper from ANH in the poll. Now that's obscure and actually from the movie.
    What in the blazes is one of those?!

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    When the Falcon is being brought into the Death Stars, several troopers are shown monitoring the guns that defend the docking bays. Since presumably they are in space with no gravity and no oxygen out there, it is assumed that they are "space troopers."

    The figures on our screens were too small to see whether the production team in 1975-6 made them any different from regular stormtroopers.

    When interest in SW resurged in 1991, author Timothy Zahn might have thought about this too, and he made absolute, definitive spacetroopers - sort of like RoboTech shells that stormtroopers could climb into, and have thrusters to move them in zero gravity. There may also be these larger spacetrooper suits, and plain zero-gravity armor, these 2 being different from each other. In 1998, Hasbro seemed to try and do an EU figure that crossed these concepts, taking elements from both of them.


    Resculpts of main characters WILL be done every year. Kids who were 2 years old when TPM came out, were 5 when they saw AOTC in the theaters. I'm sure their parents showed them the Classics on VHS by now. How do they get SW figures of Luke, Han, Leia, Chewie specifically? How does Hasbro create collectors who maybe weren't around for the Cantina Band Member figure, but might want Antilles or Rieeken? Old school folks sometimes drop out; Hasbro needs young blood just so they have enough profits (each year) from all of us, to justify Dodonna and Yarua.

    Likely, these polls are for figures they've already seen demanded on other websites. I sent them our results for the Cantina, Jabba's, and the Senate, too - a market sample of thousands of votes. Then they get 18 times as many with their own polls - because not everyone out there knows the fans sites, but theirs and SW-dot-com is spelled out on every product's packaging. If some figure like Rabe fails miserably, they can scratch her and have evidence. If enough votes came in for Ben Quadrinaros that justifies what they need to recover and profit by for producing him, then they'd go for it.

    Another recent poll demonstrated that less than half of us were completists (I'm actually not one of them). Hasbro has to be careful.
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    I think Hasbro did right by the fans in this poll. Lets hope this trend continues.

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    Tycho, actually if you look really really closely that StormTrooper walking around on the surface appears to have hoses coming from his helmet and run around behind him to a backpack. Like I said, it's probably about the most obscure charecter in the entire Saga.

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    The first one had some interest to it, but after that they really started going downhill. I personally haven't voted since #3, but I'm glad the Sketchtrooper won, that's one I really have wanted for a long time. I don't think Hasbro needs to keep making collectors fight amongst each other for the right to buy action figures... though come to think of it, Hasbro already does that with shortpacking and smaller first runs.

    Lego puts out "building block models", not action figures. That's part of the Hasbro/LFL/Lego merchandising dealings.
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    But seeing as the minifigs from lego have articulation they are technically action figures all the same. They're just a part of a grander more creative more embracing format. And since they started selling three minifig packs with a theme, they are technically selling action figures as action figures and not as part of a 'building block model' ... from a certain point of view......

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    I think that polls have been fair (or don't have any reason to believe otherwise), but I do wonder if Hasbro plans to make the other choices that are offered in the polls. I want to see some of those characters made into figures as well. I understand that Hasbro has to make figures for the younger audience, but let's see some background characters also. And please, no more action features.

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    Well hopefully Hasbro won't see it from that "certain point of view" or Lego and LFL will have a bunch of legal crap to deal with, I fear.

    BTW, there's no question in my mind that with these polls there is some amount of Hasbro "fixing". Look at 1 of the first 2 (either Duros or Amanaman, I forget which) within weeks of the poll ending Hasbro had pics of very complete figure art and not long after that of the finished sculpt in wax or clay. I wouldn't mind so much if they were straight-up about it, but the way they make it seem like we can either have one figure OR the other seems like a bad way to go and ultimately a bad marketing gimmick.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.


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