View Poll Results: Do you think Hasbro's Fans' Choice Figure Polls are run fairly?

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  • Yes, I've been quite happy with them.

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  • No, but I still like all the choices and whoever wins doesn't matter to me.

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  • No, I think there is obvious cheating going on by one or more individuals.

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    Do you think Hasbro's Fans' Choice Figure Polls are run fairly?

    Since the 5th Fans' Choice Poll opened up at Hasbro's Official Star Wars site last December 23, folks here at SSG have been discussing it, for 235 posts, following the results on a day to day basis and then with a huge change in the leading character's percentages of the vote, I challenged Hasbro's poll results as fraudulent and there were 102 responses to that, including me questioning whether my initial hypothesis was wrong.

    As things have cooled down a lot now, with Hasbro's promise to make us both figures, Captain Antilles and General Dodonna, Steve thought it would be a good idea to take a vote and see how fair we all thought the election actually was being run.

    Feel free to comment, or join the other discussions I've posted the links to above. Chances are it's been said already. Now we're just really voting on how everyone thinks the process went.
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    Well, the first three polls did have some problems. But Hasbro got it fixed up halfway thru the 3rd poll, and saved us from being plagued with the Twi'lek Masseuses over Ephant Mon. But I was still happy with the winners of the first 2, Duros and Amanaman are great figures. And no complaints about Ephant Mon winning, he's the beefiest figure hasbro has ever made.

    Then we had the 4th poll, where where most of us split over General Rieeken and the Imperial Dignitary. Which made it alot easier for the people that do stuff the ballot box, leading to us getting the Imperial SketchTrooper. The sketches look nice, but Rieeken and especially the Dignitary were more deserving.

    Hopefully the Dignitary is on the way this year, from the release lists we saw. But they should release Rieeken as well, to calm some of the folks with bad feelings over the 4th poll. I don't think we would have gotten the stuffed vote winner, if so many collectors didn't split the vote. Harder for people with too much time on thier hands, to stuff votes if the figure in the lead is ahead by a lot.

    The latest one, while originally seeming to be hacked or stuffed, actually seemed to be for the first time almost totally honest. Tycho's thought there was cheating, but that was due to him assuming there was a million votes. Ended up only 18,000 had been cast when it ended. And that the huge changes were mostly due to the E-Mails that and Hasbro sent out that week. They said that the votes doubled when the Hasbro E-Mail went out.

    The only real complaints I could have about the last poll, was that I wish that Senator Yarua would have gotten another 150+ votes so Hasbro would have decided to declare that Antilles won, and that Dodonna and Yarua were so close that they were both coming. But I'm sure we'll see him in time, after how good he did in the poll. But for now, bring on those old Rebel guys.

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    I've been pretty happy with the polls so far. That could partially be due to picking all five winners though. Yes, I voted for the Sketch Trooper. I am kind of disappointed with a few of the choices they have included in the previous polls though, like the Rebel disguised as a Scout Trooper.
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    Yeah, the polls have all turned out pretty good. The only one that was a huge disapointment to most people was the 4th one. And I don't think Hasbro had a fix in for that one. Hell, all the top Hasbro guys at Cel 2, said they thought for sure that the Imperial Dignitary was a shoe in. I doubt they would state that, and then Hasbro would put the fix in for the SketchTrooper.

    It wasn't until so many fans split the vote between Riekeen and the Dignitary, that the Sketchtrooper was able to get a lead. I've met a lot who did really vote for him, so his win could have been actual, what with the splitting of the vote. But it still seems a bit wonky. Oh well, the design sketches look good, so I will probably get one. I would have preferred the Dignitary though. If Hasbro wanted an obscure StormTrooper in the poll, they should have put the Imperial SpaceTrooper from ANH in the poll. Now that's obscure and actually from the movie.

    As for the Rebel Soldier disguised as ScoutTrooper figure, it really was an excellent choice for the poll. Really obscure, and many real fans don't even know about the charecter. So it wouldn't be a huge seller if they did make it. Not to mention Hasbro used the wrong picture of the charecter who was that Rebel Soldier. Likely because they didn't have a good one for the poll. And then Hasbro said that if he was made, he wouldn't have a removable helmet. So that killed his chance right then.

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    I think that the polls have been mediocre at best. While I did like Ellors, Amanaman, and Ephant Mon, I too am disturbed by the sketchtrooper winning and now a slput decision. (For the record I am glad that hasbro is producing both of these guys.) I also wanted General Reikan (Sp?). I've always maintained that those characters who have/had speaking parts should be made first. At least they had SOMETHING to contribute. I'd like to see more SPECIFIC imperials such as Admiral Ozzel, General Veers (Not AT-AT commander, but the "class A" uniform. Even some non-descript officers. How about a basic Imperial Lieutenant (SP?) In the greenih/grayish outfit. Don't get me wrong I like the Imp Officer in the black outfit, but he has no rank insignia.

    Now here's another thing along these lines that might spark debate...

    How about Hasbro having a poll for figures/creatures/ships we WANT to be rereleased. I for one would like to see the Wampa again. Although I got him, many of my collecting buds have not. And I'd rather see people get them at retail for cheap instead of EBAY scalper prices. Also if Hasbro was to have this sort of poll, maybe they'd get the idea that we don't want to see 15 million luke/han/ on variations. Finish with the wonderful plethora of characters who hava as yet not been made. This includes Episode 3 characters as well. Then and ONLY then should they start thinking about resculpts.

    Most kids (Under 14) don't identify with the original trilogy like us "oldtimers" and really don't see the need for the classic characters, but they do identify with the prequels. So, the big "H" should concentrate on prequels while supplanting the collectors wishes with a figure we REALLY want. How many different polls have we run or how many other sites have run polls on who they'd like to see. I don't recall a sketchtrooper in any of these. And Reikan, Capt. Antilles, Gen. Jan Dodanna, Crix Madine, Imp Dignatary were all up there.

    So finally in closing, Hasbro keep producing the figures and we'll buy them, but give us a break once in awhile from the resculpts and thanks at least for the fan figures but litsen or read these types of sites. You don't need to have a poll. All the market research you need is right here.

    Thanks folks for letting me vent a little.
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    I think that for the most part they are cool. I just truly believe that they fixed the Concept Stormtrooper to win. There is no possible way that i can accept that he was legit in beating the Imperial Dignitary. This last poll was a little uncertain, but i am happywith the results i guess. I would have preferred Yarua.
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    I don't know if it's now fair or not, but I'm generally happy with the figures that have won in the past. Antilles and Dodonna are my top 2 choices this year anyways. Ephant became my favorite figure in the saga line, Amanamanaman and Ellors were popular like any other alien. As long as the figures that win are desired by collectors, and well sculpted, anything is fine by me.
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    Originally posted by Jerjerrod
    You have one too many men on that one
    It's Amanaman. I do think that the poll with the sketchtrooper was wrong...I would have prefered Rieekan or the Imperial Dignitary. Oh well, I won't loose sleep over it. I am happy with Dodonna and Antilles.
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    win or lose, we favorite or not, it's all a folly if you believe that an internet fan poll is tantamount to democracy. and who are star wars fans to demand democracy in the production of action figures in the first place? hasbro can make all the obscure characters with no play-value and then kill the licence altogether... trust me, it's happened in other lines. NO ONE wanted all the obscure x-men figures that toy biz was making, and as a result, they went from making a terrific fringe characters in droves to making 5 figure assortments once a year with the same major players each time in new costumes. so with the rebel officers and cantina aliens of the world... be careful what you wish for.

    my take on it is, the point of having a poll is that it is a fun way to interact with hasbro/the star wars licence and nothing more. whether the poll has, or should have any affect on the real production schedule at hasbro is a question i wouldn't even ask, because the answer is likely to be disappointing. the very fact that anyone is producing figures of little-seen, largely unknown rebel officers (or any of the other unlikely toys) for a die-hard group of collectors and fans should be met with open arms and smiles-ballot stuffing or no. why mar such a simple, playful thing as the enjoyment of toys over speculation that the votes and interests of fans are not taken into account?

    still, i like to point to the fact that NO OTHER COMPANY is doing anything remotely like fan-choice figures anyway. remember the he-man 'design a figure' contest? the winning character never showed up.

    i'm not pro-hasbro, anti-fan, i just feel like it's much ado about nothing. so much energy and enthusiasm spilled over which peg-warmer we'll see in the fall.

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    I don't know whether the poll was rigged, and, to be honest, I don't care. Hasbro keeps making 'em, and I keep buying 'em. But I will say, that anyone who took the effort to rig an internet poll really has way too much time on his hands.


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