Since the 5th Fans' Choice Poll opened up at Hasbro's Official Star Wars site last December 23, folks here at SSG have been discussing it, for 235 posts, following the results on a day to day basis and then with a huge change in the leading character's percentages of the vote, I challenged Hasbro's poll results as fraudulent and there were 102 responses to that, including me questioning whether my initial hypothesis was wrong.

As things have cooled down a lot now, with Hasbro's promise to make us both figures, Captain Antilles and General Dodonna, Steve thought it would be a good idea to take a vote and see how fair we all thought the election actually was being run.

Feel free to comment, or join the other discussions I've posted the links to above. Chances are it's been said already. Now we're just really voting on how everyone thinks the process went.