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    Exclamation Marmit Darth Vader

    Does anyone know if there is any truth to the release of a Darth Vader Marmit figure?

    Entertainment Earth seems to post one coming in December but i have never seen or heard anything about this.. i hope this is true though, if so i am sure it will be great just like the Boba Fett!

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    I know Marmit are currently drafting a prototype on the AT-AT Driver. That makes sense as the helmet looks so similar to Tie Pilot which was already out and it should be a easier release than the brand new head sculpt for Vader.
    Meanwhile, I've heard too quite some time ago that Marmit are also looking into Vader and it has been no news since.

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    at-at driver?

    wow.. i thought they were all great except for the tie fighter pilot. i mean the head (helmet) is so huge.. i do not know if this is to scale or not but it looked funny. i kind of think they are getting greedy now and not producing as nice as they could.. but boba fett was great!

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    The big head you mention for the Marmit Tie Pilot could NEVER be bigger than that from Hasbro. But come to think of it, you have a standard Stormtrooper helmet and on top of that, got to add another layer of shell to it - probably to give the pilot more head protection from the space turbulant - the size from the Marmit one is quite comprehensive and accurate.

    But here in Singapore, the Tie Pilot is the cheapest among the 4 releases and from the name alone - Marmit - I think I'll be getting one Pilot to see for myself. But gotta get the money first

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    Saw this latest news from on Marmit :

    "Marmit Japan notifies us about new release dates for 3 kits coming out this year. The white pauldroned Sandtrooper (sargeant) will be released at the end of the month while the new 2nd version Stormtrooper will be out in November and the AT-AT Driver in December. The AT-AT Driver will have two kinds of marked helmets, 4 pairs of gloves and a laser rifle. The pricepoint will be between 9800 to 12000 yen. "

    Hope this news is good news to you

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    I also heard about a Marmit Royal Guard. I would want one of those, any info on that?
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    are u serious? a marmit royal guard? or did u just make that up? that would be way cool.. i am just hoping for a darth vader, but we will see. i imaging he would be the most expensive considering there is a lot of detailing involved.

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    Thumbs up

    I did hear about it, i don't know if it was rumored, cancelled, or in cosideration. Still, I did read about it.
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    Sorry guys, I've never heard anything about the Royal Guard from Marmit. I am still currently looking for the Emperor and Guard 2 pack selling cheap here.....still waiting..... waiting.... wait...... wai..... wa...... w...... ZzzZZzzzz

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    forget about 2-pack

    hey forget about the 2-pack if marmit comes out with the royal guard that would be nice.....

    lets all hope.. but the hasbro two pack is nice as well... where are u at anyways HUMSUP?


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