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    AOTC Action Fleet Playset's

    Seeing as there will almost certainly be no af playset's for episode 2 , i was wondering what playset's people would of LIKED to have been made ?

    If possible please list features size ,accesories etc.....

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    Already said but first, a playset without figures is a non-sense.
    Well imagine there will be mini-figs, my choice would be a Geonosis Battle playset.
    Huge landscape, big Federation "coreship" landed in his silo (half of the eggship) with pop-up panels (battle damaged features). A little hill to land the Starfighter and another landing plateform (opening maybe) to land the Slave one.
    It would be a very cool playset and most of the Episode 2 AF could be used with it (Hailfire Droïds, Acclamator cruisers, Spider Droïds, Gunships, even the upcoming Padmé's Yacht).
    As an accesory, maybe a little Clone Command center (as seen in the scene where the Yoda's Gunship lands in the battle).

    To come with this cool playset, we can imagine a smaller Arena playset (really circular, not like the 3,3/4" one) that we could connect with (like the Galoob playsets but... with real connections !!! Not with the ridiculous conecting pads. I mean to make a huge playset with the two mediums).

    A "Battle Damaged" ship ?!? Yeah, but wich ? Exploded Rocket ship or heavily damaged AT-TE... Any idea ?

    Of course : the Battle packs wizzzzz figures.
    - Clone troopers with blue, green, red, yellow and white clones in several poses.
    - Jedi knights with Yoda, Mace Windu, Ki-Adi, Anakin, etc...
    - Arena with Acklay, Reek, Padmé, Nexu, Orray & Picador.
    - Arena 2 with Jango, Boba, Genosians, SuperBattleDroïds, Destroyers...
    - Federation Droïds with Dwarf droïd, SuperBattle droïds, Battle Droïds.

    One or two more ships :
    - Geonosian fighter.
    - Commerce Guild or IG Banking Clan (don't know exactly) Rocket ship (I love this ship, it looks like the old starships seen in the 50's SF movies).
    - Gunship "AT-TE Carrier".


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    Oh, man. You want a list? I'll make mine short.

    ANY and ALL PLAYSETS, FIGURES, and SHIPS. Not just from AOTC, but from all the movies.
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    You know after thinking about it, Hasbro could re-release the old Kenner Micro Collections. With AF figures. Like the Episode 1 playsets. They were sort-of like the Kenner MC.
    "I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe." - Jango Fett


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    Sweet ideas.

    Kamino set- Landing platform with explosions with pieces that fall off and cloning center. Maybe a new slave one.

    Arena Battle- figs and creatures with large area.

    Geonosis battle- ships and battle damage



    I want mini figs!!!!!!!!!!!


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