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Thread: Remember these?

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    Remember these?

    Argh, that annoying encyclopedia kid still bugs me to this day. I remember the first commerical being a lot more annoying that this one. The "Dude, you're getting a Dell" of his day.

    The Star Wars toy commericals are a lot of fun to watch. Perhaps someday Lucas will release a complete collection of these gems.
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    Ha! I tryed going to a Chuck E' Cheese last year with my girlfriend who had never been to one and they would not let us in without a child. Great! So a year later now I am pregnant. The things you have to do the get some entertainment with your pizza.
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    Those sure bring back memories!!!!!!!!

    I remember like it was yesterday watching those!!!!
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    Thanks EP I really enjoyed the link...
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    The guy with the crazy glue looks like he was sniffing the glue!

    I remember how we used to do that! You had to use a nail scissors to carefully get inside your nostril and cut the nose hairs the darn glue tube kept getting stuck to and hope it never touched skin! - or Ouch!!!

    Hey thanks for posting that! Did everyone see the 1982 Star Wars figure commercial from Kenner?
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    Originally posted by Tycho
    The guy with the crazy glue looks like he was sniffing the glue!

    I remember how we used to do that!
    Well, that explains a lot.
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