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    ** Celebration 3 **

    Yesterday, I was emailed information from a LucasFilm source that Celebration 3 is definetly in the works.

    Where would you like it held ?

    1. West Coast (where? Why?)
    2. Mid-US (where? Why?)
    3. East Coast (where? Why?)
    4. Who cares ?

    I'll post more details as I get them.
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    I am banking that it will be held in Indianapolis once again. It seemed that everyone that went, fans and otherwise, felt it was well done. It is a somewhat central location, and while I would love it to be on the East coast. . . I think that it is only fair that they plan it for a central location.

    I heard rumors that they had already contacted the Celebration II site, etc., and told them not to schedule anything for that week in 2005, soon after Celebration II ended. Who knows. . . all I know is that being this will be the last one (Episode III will be the last theatrical release). . . I'm going regardless of location. I missed I, and II. . . I won't be missing this one.
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    Oh yeah. . . and I couldn't get your link to work.
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    I do not knwo what is wrong with SSG but if you click the link then hit refresh on the page that opens, the image opens. SSG must have a problem.

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    It's not SSG, it's the server the image is hosted on. Like Geocities and many other hosts these days, servers are disallowing direct links to images, sounds, and other non-HTML items.

    I have a feeling that now that the Fan Club is in the hands of another company, we'll be seeing Cel 3 in Washington state.
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    Ah. . . good point JediTricks. . . it had slipped my mind that the Fan Club is now in new hands.

    That would be unfortunate if it was on either coast, I think. That would make it much harder for everyone who may want to go. A central location would be ideal. Unfortunatly, with my luck, it will be on the west coast, and the chances of me going will then be extremely slim.

    Unless they did two. . . one on each coast. . . but that would be asking too much, and would never happen.
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    which again brings us back to a traveling show. They should tour major cities across the country. San Fran, L.A, Dallas, Houston, Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, Atlanta, NY, a 28 city tour to honor the 28 year anniversary (in 2005)

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    A travelling show might be a bit much. It is supposed to be a grand event. If they have a 'bunch' of them, they won't get great guests and special events for all of them. It will turn out to be a group of similar named, but greatly different shows. If they have two (maybe a third centrally located), they can spread them out enough that they can get the same great guests, and fans can feasibly attend more than one of the events.

    This is all speculation though. . . Celebration III hasn't really been confirmed (though it is almost a given). . . and there will likely only be one.
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    not 'offically' confirmed though Steve Sansweet was the one who emailed me that it was in the works.

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    I actually went to Celebration II, and found its layout to be pretty LAME actually. Sorry to say it, but the security was terrible, especially right after the 9/11 incident, the distribution of the Jorg Sacul fig was hideous, and overall I expected something better.

    There were many who stood in line for HOURS, that made the trek just for the figure, and were turned away with nothing. Next thing you know, cases of them appear on eBay- And I thought the Sith were fictional characters..


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