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    Since when do Transformers have lightsabers?

    I haven't kept up or anything obviously, but I was flipping through here, and there was a episode of Transformers, so I stopped to watch, and one of them had something that looked like a blue lightsaber. ?????
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    Since The Transformers: The Movie, where Hot Rod trains on the starship in a blatant ripoff of the scene with Luke training on the Falcon in ANH.
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    Boy, that was a while ago, how'd that one slip by me?
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    It's not a lightsaber, it's just artistic license. You see, there is a team of minicon jets (mini-transformers who aren't faction-oriented) that merge to form the Star Saber. The toy is just 3 jets, the bottom being a handle and the other 2 forming the blade, but the show animators put a huge energy beam around the blade jets and then reshaped it to make it more interesting I guess.
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    Since they decided to make the Transformers really wimpy.

    "Oh we don't want anything to happen to you kids............"
    But letting the Decepticons gain more power so they might eventually wipe out the entire population of the earth doesn't take priority. I wish someone would kill them kids so the Autobots could kick some major metal hitch.

    And what's with that transporter?????
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