Texas collectors! The Austin Collectors Exposition will be held March 1-2 at the Crockett Center in Austin, Texas! Mrs. JediCole and I were there in November and will be back in March (look for us there). I was quite impressed with the sheer volume of items available. Many bargains could be had (I found the Micro Machines Indiana Jones sets for $10.00 each and even a MM Droids set for $1.00!) as well as hard to find items. They attract a wide variety of dealers with collectibles of nearly every kind you can imagine. If you are in or near the Austin area, be sure to check it out.
Also, the fine folks at the Collectors Expo have sent me a few free passes. If you are in the area (or will be that weekend) and want a free pass, please feel free to contact me. I have only a few and they will be given to the first Sir Steve's Guide members who make contact! Hope to meet a few of you there in a few weeks!