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    Exclamation Sweden’s review of 4475, 4476 & 4480 Jabba’s Message, Prize & Palace

    Since 4475 Jabba’s Message, 4476 Jabba’s Prize and 4480 Jabba’s Palace can be connected with the help of two Technic pieces into a pretty large play set I therefore chose to review them all three at once as they were made to form a large scene from Star Wars Episode VI.

    Ever since the first release of Star Wars sets in 1999 fans and fan-atics of this “System” set line and scale have been asking for the release of play sets from the movies and when The LEGO Group released the so called “Story Tellers” sets a whole lot of fans got disappointed.

    But this time around it seems like The LEGO Group has listened to the fans of this line as the three sets of Jabba’s Palace from Return of the Jedi actually is a “real” play set with most of the features fans been asking for so there’s something for everyone in these nice little sets.

    Some fans of this line asked for really large play sets while other fans asked for modular play sets that could be connected to each other to form one large scene from the movies and this is exactly what The LEGO Group has done and released this time around and it’s good.

    So lets get on with the review now shall we.

    The boxes:

    As most people may have noticed The LEGO Group has dropped the 7100 to 7199 series of product numbers and now the new 2003 sets are released with the 4400 series of product numbers but then again there’s no logic in their numbering of sets I’ve seen and heard before.

    Jabba’s Message and Jabba’s Prize that are the smallest sets comes in what I call small and finer cornflakes boxes of finer cardboard while Jabba’s Palace comes in what I call thicker cardboard cornflakes boxes instead of the finer ones with the inner tray and a sticker seal.

    I assume that these thick and awful boxes are much cheaper for The LEGO Group...

    As with all later releases the boxes has the plain and simple “Star Wars” logo on them but the artwork is in the same style as previous releases and as usual with the Swedish (European) boxes there’s no mentioning of containing small parts etc like boxes released in the US of A.

    The instruction booklets:

    Nothing new at all here but the other new 2003 sets is shown off on the last pages.

    The building of the sets:

    Not much at all to say here, as they’re all very easy to build.

    The sets themselves:

    Not that I’m a great fan of mini figures and play sets as I’m more of a vehicle and spaceship man myself but I’m actually pretty impressed with The LEGO Group’s first attempt at releasing a “real” play set for the fans as it has a whole lot of play value and mini figures.

    It’s mini figure galore as you get C-3PO, R2-D2, Bib Fortuna, a Gamorrean Guard, Han Solo in Carbonite, Boba Fett, Luke Skywalker as Jedi Knight, Princess Leia as a stripper (Ooops! Not for the weak hearted!), EV-9D9, B’omarr Monk and the Gonk Droid in these three sets.

    And of course you get “Fat Bastard” in the set... Wait a minute... Not an Austin Power release... I mean Jabba the Hutt in the set as well and he comes in three pieces and is rather well done except for having standard mini figure arms and it looks really weird on him.

    Then again he need some color on him as he’s just snot green in my opinion...

    The Gamorrean Guard is also rather well done with his combined head and torso piece on a mini figure body just like the Chewbacca mini figure but he’s done in some snot green shade just like the Jabba figure and he really need some color on him but I’ll live with that I think.

    All the other mini figures are well done and the walking owen is fun... I mean Gonk Droid.

    The door scene called Jabba’s Message and the trophy scene called Jabba’s Prize aren’t really that special but Jabba’s Palace itself is really neat with sliding throne and trap door for poor unknowing Luke but a pit with the Rancor would have been better then a droid dungeon.

    To sum things up:

    I know that most people would tell me that these Star Wars LEGO sets are being made for and aimed at children and younger teenagers and that I’m well aware of but still there’s a whole lot to ask for as a whole lot of adult builders and collectors buy this fine line of toys.

    In my very humble opinion the scenes and play sets of Jabba’s Palace could have been done slightly larger and perhaps with a few smaller sets building a more complete and larger scene of Jabba’s Palace from the Return of the Jedi as it were quite a large and exciting palace.

    What I’m thinking of is more in line with MPC’s old model (snap fit) kit of Jabba’s Throne Room as one piece and the addition of one set with a droid dungeon and another one of the pit with the Rancor and that would have been a really neat play set for both children and adults.

    But of course a modular play set like that would probably have been much more expensive for a whole lot of children and younger teenagers to buy but then again LEGO sets are bloody expensive today and how they can afford them I sometimes simply can’t understand at all.

    All in all I’m pretty impressed and pleased with my purchase of these so called play sets as they’re really a waste improvement from the so called “Story Teller” sets and they make a really nice display in my Star Wars LEGO collection as I’m a completeist with this line.

    So therefore I’ll give Jabba’s Message, Jabba’s Prize & Jabba’s palace sets a score of 4 out 5.

    There you have it people. Hope you enjoyed my little review and contribution.

    Kindest regards,

    Lars “Sweden” Olsson in Sundsvall, Sweden.
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