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    Exclamation Sweden’s review of 4479 TIE Bomber

    The original trilogy spawned a whole lot of interesting and cool looking designs of vehicles and spaceships like the Jawa Sandcrawler, AT-AT, AT-ST, Millennium Falcon, A, B, X and Y-Wing Fighter as well as other cool designs that we all come to know of so incredibly well.

    But what’s a “Rebel” army with cool looking spaceships without a “Dark Side” to fight so of course the enemy also had cool looking spaceships like the T.I.E. series of fighters and that’s something that the fans and fan-atics of the “System” line been asking for over the years.

    Over the years that have past since we first saw the release of the first wave of LEGO sets from the Star Wars saga The LEGO Group first gave us Darth Vader’s T.I.E. Fighter along with the Y-Wing Fighter and later the T.I.E. Fighter and now finally the T.I.E. Bomber.

    Anyway. Bombs away. Here’s a bombastic review.

    The box:

    See my review of 4480 Jabba’s Palace.

    The instruction booklet:

    See my review of 4480 Jabba’s Palace.

    The building of the set:

    Not much at all to say here, as it’s very easy to build.

    The set itself:

    The wings of the T.I.E. Bomber is identical to the wings of Darth Vader’s T.I.E. Fighter with the exception of two (2) 2 x 3 light gray plates that are included in the latter so the LEGO designers saved some time and could focus on the pods where the difference actually is.

    Unfortunately the LEGO designers got the plain and simple totally idiotic idea to put a “Marital Aid” missile and firing device in the bomb pod for added playability I guess and turned the cockpit pod into a bomb pod as well and that’s truly stupid in my opinion.

    A detail that I actually didn’t think of while watching the films over the years is that the T.I.E. Fighter pilots has a different helmet then the Stormtroopers and the mini figure actually has the latter one which makes it incorrect but I think can live with that little and minor mistake.

    But poor pilot as the T.I.E. Bomber cockpit is completely free from any panel detail parts but that’s something that customizers and I can look into later on but except this and the above facts the set is rather well done and not so flimsy as many reports have said on the Internet.

    Unless you try and fly it by throwing it across the room that is...

    As far as accuracy goes in my opinion at least the LEGO designers got the T.I.E. Bomber pretty close to the original filming model as was/is possible with LEGO parts even if the wings just like on Darth Vader’s T.I.E. Fighter are slightly too short but it’s pretty close.

    Being a former model kit builder that however still are surfing the Internet looking for facts and references on original filming miniatures I stumbled across the facts a few years ago that the T.I.E. Bomber was built from the old MPC model kit with some modifications to it.

    Primarily used from the old MPC Darth Vader’s T.I.E. Fighter model kit were the wings that were slightly enlarged.

    To sum things up:

    Out of all the brand new January 2003 sets and the T.I.E. Fighter versions we have been given this is actually my favorite set of them all as I truly like the design and the set as well and I’m truly recommending it to anyone building or collecting the Star Wars “System” scale line.

    The only minor complaint I’ve got about this set is that the cockpit pod is used as a bomb pod as the latter one contains that plain and simple idiotic “Marital Aid” missile but I’ll re-build it as soon as I’ve ordered new parts for it to make a corrected version of the T.I.E. Bomber craft.

    So therefore I’ll give the T.I.E. Bomber a score of 4 out 5.

    There you have it people. Hope you enjoyed my little review and contribution.

    Kindest regards,

    Lars “Sweden” Olsson in Sundsvall, Sweden.
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